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A Holiday Announcement · 4:24am Dec 26th, 2012

Hello, everyone, and happy holidays. In the spirit of the season, I have an important announcement I want to make to you, my readers:
In one month exactly, I will be posting a new and improved version of Butterflies In Her Stomach.

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It's been approximately one year since you last signed on at the time of my typing this. Just today, I read your story 'My Little Mages: The Nightmare's Return', and I quite thoroughly enjoyed it. And now I must ask, are you ever coming back?

Check out my blog post! I have an impending problem!!!!!:raritywink:

Hello? Is anyone here anymore? ...
Wragnaroq, you'll probably never get this, but I love your stories. Especially the Butterflies Continuity. I liked it so much that I'm writing a series based off of it. You're probably gone from FimFiction forever, and now I'll never be able to tell you how amazing, beautiful, and hilarious your stories were. I stumbled upon them while Google Imaging My Little Mages, hoping to find the original artist. I then found the genius that is... was Wragnaroq. Goodbye. And... Have a nice life.

I just finished reading My Little Mages, and I wonder if you would want to Found a My little Mages group, sorry if this has been brought up before...

208885What they said and thank you for the fic itself.

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