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Applejack, concerned about her brother's relationship with Fluttershy, confronts the shy pegasus about some of the, ahem, 'activities' the pair get up to. It becomes a conversation that Applejack will regret for the rest of her life.

Part of the Butterflies Continuity, set after the events of 'The Bunny Suit'.

Fluttershy vector from http://Silentmatten.deviantart.com/art/Cuddleshy-293969017?q=gallery%3Amlp-vectorclub%2F29968919&qo=120
Applejack vector from http://Bronyvectors.deviantart.com/art/Applejack-Eeep-309804963?q=gallery%3Amlp-vectorclub%2F29968912&qo=2
Background from http://anitech.deviantart.com/art/Fluttershy-s-Living-Room-292372770?q=gallery%3Amlp-vectorclub%2F34905660&qo=98

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Comments ( 44 )

The punchline was a bit too obvious. That's totally okay though, but a second twist would have made it. Like Fluttershy ACTUALLY meaning 'it' would have been totally unexpected.

What made this was Applejack's reaction to the whole thing though, and the great expressive language you used to describe her emotions.

Ending was a little unsubstantial but still pretty amusing, and you nailed Fluttershy's mannerisms which is something that anyone reading anything I've written can tell you I cannot do for the life of me.

Well done.

But... the story isn't even... published yet... how did you...
Are you a wizard?:rainbowderp:


I'm the number one featured author bizatch I do what I want.

830530 I was wondering where you were!

Number two, actually.


the answer (also above ^) is most likely, aliens. great story! i thought it was very amusing. fun to read with little to no grammatical errors. very good :twilightsmile:


Did.... did Big Mac run off with the plow still attached to himself? (That'd be a pretty funny joke if he still managed to lose AJ, carving a long split in the ground wherever he went. XD)

Also... Big Mac is a furry. :eeyup::rainbowlaugh::heart:


At the time I made the comments I was number one. It's in flux at the moment.

Turbulent times we live in my friends.

I hope to see you join me up there and I also fear that if I don't upload another chapter soon you might just knock me out of it. :twilightsmile:

“I was in my bed,” Big Macintosh insisted, unhooking himself from the plow.


CRITICAL HIT! :raritydespair:

KO! :fluttershbad:

Trololololol, man that was hilarious! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

That was gorram funny.

Woulda been funnier if after AJ left, Fluttershy sighed and had a bit of internal monologue thinking "Well, that will get her off my back so her brother can keep getting on it." Something like that.

Still, fun, funny, and a nice read. I think you have the characterization down pretty pat. Not bad.

can't find read later


The story does have a lot of talking, which is fine, but I'm not a huge fan of. Overall I didn't mind it, but like MrNumbers said, it's kind of obvious what's going to happen. The concept is pretty cliched too.

That was pretty good


This fic made my day. ALL OF MY LIKES. :rainbowlaugh:

I knew what shy was talking about, sheesh, silly AJ :applejackunsure:

....I want to do "it" with fluttershy, twilight, derpy, pinkie, rarity, octavia, vinyl, dash, bonbon, apple bloom, sweetie belle, chicken, luna, and carrot top

Cute. Fair share of cheap laughs. I think some of AJ's dialogue gets a bit "off" at times. Like "good afternoon" doesn't sound like how she would greet someone.

I can't deny that I do snicker at the whole "it's only dirty if you think it is" gag. Also, loved the "drop a pin on the moon" line.

Glad this didn't go longer than necessary. It gets the laugh it requires and ends. Fluttershy is totally a cuddler at heart.

I think the only thing that will hold this story back is the fact that it does partly require readers to be familiar with your work to fully enjoy the build up. Otherwise the bunny suit gag can get lost.

830544 lol so if you're name is in the feature box, you do what you want? kewl I'm the number one featured author right now lol. Anyways, this story was pretty good, take a fave and thumbs up!

:yay:" I even did it with that human who goes by the user name of "A mess" on fimfiction.net"........
if only....

I was a bit worried there for a moment but you brought it back round. Good story. Good story.

AAAAGGGGHHHHH!! This story's gonna hog the feature box forever, just like Scootaloo's Big Meal! Unfave! UNFAVE!



:facehoof: That was just... Words cannot describe. AJ's thoughts throughout the story were hilarious.:rainbowlaugh:

roflmfao! (rolling on the floor laughing my fucking ass off)

you sir/madam have succeeded above all others, bravo!


"Something inside Applejack’s soul died at that precise moment. There was a tearful viewing, and it rained while the coffin was lowered into the ground."

THAT LINE, man, that line. I just can't get over it. It makes this conversation PERFECT.

"Something inside Applejack’s soul died at that precise moment. There was a tearful viewing, and it rained while the coffin was lowered into the ground."

“Mac, I heard you sneakin’ inside not two hours before sunrise,” Applejack said. “Tell me th’ truth, Mac. Where were ya last night?”
My first thought:
"Big Mac, Big Mac, don't lie to me,
Tell me where did you sleep last night?"

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why you you should be sure... no certain that you are all talking about the same thing.


That has to be one of the most major I'm screwed moments I've ever seen. Right after Luigi said to Daisy's dad "not the fun parts". Applejack needs to not get involved in other ponies business unless she wants to have a major embarrassment issue.:facehoof:


This story is priceless.

What I'd give for it to be animated.

This was the funniest story I've read in a long time! I love the fluttermac shipping and and the comedy together! Please write more!

Applejack was becoming concerned that she would never be able to forget about this conversation, no matter how hard she tried.

Don't worry, AJ. They have spells for that.
I am legitimately surprised Fluttershy tried to cuddle a fish. But I guess she would be the pony who'd try that.

After a few minutes of walking, she stopped next to a tree, stood in front of it, and slammed her skull against it a few times.

:rainbowhuh: : "Umm, AJ? I think you're hitting that tree with the wrong side of your body. It's not even an apple tree!"

:ajbemused: : "Shut up before I remember something I don' want to."

:rainbowderp: "Ok.... I'm going to leave now."

This was amazing. Excellent work.

That was so funny and awkward. Oh my god I cannot stop laughing! Somepony please help me! STOP LAUGHING! NOOOO! :rainbowlaugh:

Cuddling was the most obvious answer. I expected something less usual.


“Applejack, I thought we were talking about cuddling! But clearly, your mind was stuck in the gutter!”

Oh I'm so relieved :rainbowlaugh:

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