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Life can be tough for a farmer. After a rough season Big Macintosh needs something to keep his strength going, fortunately, something worth living for isn't far away.

This is a short fic I did to fill in some time for my other stuff. Feel free to criticise and tell what you did/didn't like. Fic based off of the pic I used for the cover art (full credit to BobtheLurker for his art)

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As long as you love me.”
I liked it, although a little short.

:heart: thank the king discord that this isnt another bloody thread

1823055 Drughon. Y u do dis? :fluttercry:

1823150 Ya know what?
Imma like dis.
And I couldn't help it.

Nvm, I already liked the story.

1823150 Totally digging your avatar :pinkiehappy:

1823170 Thanks, yours certainly looks suitably...frustrated...:raritywink:

Only a 1000 words and I d'AAAWWed so hard!

Oh hello there. :)

Manly tears by the way. Thank you for giving my pic some lovely context.


1823055 Good thing I have absoluytely no issues with Justin Beiber, :3 he's a decent singer
1823095 They aren't all bloddy thread, I've really only seen two
1823150 It's aight I'm not insulted
1823582 That's right..feed the DAW Demon, he is much apeased by your sacrifice
1823953 :twilightsheepish: I do my best. I just enjoyed the pic so much
1867342 I'm glad you liked it

1883608 i was in the hie group in the thread spam that happend

So...sweet...ohlordmyheart *HRRRG!*

:fluttershysad: Write more plzzz I just :heart::heart::heart: this all the way

I love a good romance, but I want to know what lead to heir engagement. Do you have a story where he proposes? :pinkiesmile:

1950763 *pokes body* ...I think he's dead... *nonchalantly drags body away*
1978014I write plenty. That's just the end of this specific story in general. Sorry.
2042967 I do not have a story where he pro[oses, but if I feel like doing a short one shot somewhere that'll probably be it.:eeyup::heart::yay:

:pinkiesad2: (sobbing ) This so sad ! :pinkiehappy: (happy ) hey know what this calls for...:pinkiehappy: A PARTYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3139976 Shhhhhhh...Shhhhhhh, Pinkie Pie. Not today. No parties today...:ajbemused:

So sweet…! :fluttershysad::fluttershysad::fluttershysad:

This will always be an adorable shipping pair! :yay::eeyup:

Thats so sweet, ive got the feeling my smartphone is made out of cotton candy right now... i love it :)

Awesome. Just awesome. The feels, the mushiness. Rainbow Dash would be gagging.

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