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Big Macintosh is working on the farm, and decides to visit the graves of his father and grandfather. Little did he expect that he'd be meeting the shy pegasus of the Everfree Forest, Fluttershy. After Big Macintosh helps her with an issue they decide to meet up for some tea. Is fate trying to drive these two into each others arms by trapping them in her cottage with a storm?

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One of the better "Fluttermac" fics I've read. The characterization is relatively good and you take your time with the actual plot.

Looking forward to more if there is more, but happy with what's here.:eeyup:

So cute:) I loved it and would like to read more.

D'awwwwwww! This was a great story <3 any chance you could make more?? :D
I knew Fluttershy and Big Mac might be a good match, but this story just melts my heart :)

1060407 Dont' you worry. I actualy have two more chapters written but didn't post them yesterday because the server was crashing. I'll take care of it today.

1060619 *dancing merrily* YAY I LOVE POSTIVE FEEDBACK!!! :) I can live with negative but I'm happy to hear you like it

1060533 Wasn't a long wait was it? lol enjoy

MORE!!! MORE!!! (I can preread if you want) :fluttershyouch:

1062152 that's three chapters in one day dude. Calm your horses I'm working as hard as I can. And thanks for the offer but I already have three editors

Aw, im sorry, I just love fluttermac. :eeyup::yay:

1062200 Peace brother for I understand your desire. Thank you for the appreciation :pinkiecrazy:

1062772 Ah, Im writing my own humanized OcX:fluttershysad: romance. I already have 3 chapter in 2 days. But still, i love it. :heart:

1062791 Yeah I saw that and I have, like, have some mega reservations on reading it. Not because I don't think it won't be good!! but because I feel like if I run outside of FlutterMac while writing it'll throw off my vibe. But I love your pic for profile and fic pic. It warms my heart :trixieshiftright:

This is a sweet story...
I LOVE IT!!!! :eeyup::yay:

1063178 Well thank ya very much kind and whimsical stranger :pinkiehappy:

Its 4:25 in the morning. I MUST SLEEP. :fluttercry:
But your story is wayy to cute! Omg, I can't contain the feels. :pinkiehappy:
In fact, I just made this account so that I could comment on this fic. :rainbowlaugh:
Ah well. UPDATE SOON! I will wait! :yay:

I love the chapters so far. I look forward to the next one.

1066121 :rainbowlaugh: HAHAHAHAHAHA!! I make it a personal goal to let the people who read this get the same amount of sleep I did while writing it :pinkiecrazy:
:yay::heart::eeyup: They thank you for conisidering their relationship cute (they speak to me in my dreams 0.o)
And I'm working hard and fast at Chapter 4, got a sizable chunk of it done already so it should be soon. Goal is to get it out before school starts for me on Thursday.

1066166 Why thank you very much kind sir :moustache: I am quite pleased that you enjoyed it

I love this!!!! its really good, i is big fan of:yay::heart::eeyup:

Sooo stoked for the next part!! :rainbowkiss: that is, uhm, if that's okay with you... :twilightsheepish:
Last time I read this I didn't notice the presence of chapters 2 & 3. After reading those, though, I'm giggling and d'awwwwing and blushing :twilightblush: This is absolutely beautiful, got a little shocked by Rarity's little 'talk' at the end of chapter 3, but FlutterMac are just amazing together, far too cute :rainbowkiss:

Have a FlutterYay :yay:

Oh why not, a few more :yay::yay::yay:

1068174 Well then thank you very much I'm glad that you're excited for Ch 4+:pinkiehappy:

1077081I don't know exactly why I wouldn't want you to be excited for the next part:ajbemused: I think the reason you didn't see Chater 2 and 3 last time you were here was because they weren't there :derpyderp1:

Best part of chapter to write was Rarity's little talk because it was funny:raritystarry::duck:

I shall take your Flutteryays and return lots of FlutterMac love in return :yay::heart::eeyup: :yay::heart::eeyup:

To be honest, I didn't really like it. I mean I love your writing skills though and would love to see other stories that you might write.

I'm just not a big FLutterMac fan.

But keep writing, and a little criticism is always good i feel.

1079266 :pinkiehappy: i always am up for a good FlutterMac Fic keep up the good work :derpytongue2: :applejackunsure:

1088690 I can understand that you're not a big FlutterMac fan and I do not judge you for it. However if you're waiting for something different I'm sorry to tell you that your wait might be a while. This is gonna be a long one. But on the bright side I hope you like DerpyxWhooves shipping cause that'd be next on my agenda. That or Zompony Apocalypse, but I'd probably end up turning that into a FlutterMac too :/

1089083 I plan to keep up the hard work. That's why these take so long to write, quality over quantity.

1089126 that is the best thing about it :pinkiehappy: take all the time you need to make that good quality stuff :twilightsmile:

Absolutely adorable!! :yay: You have quite a good handle on writing romance, my friend. This easily deserves five times the likes it has so far! :pinkiehappy:

1109299 Why thank you very much my good sir, the irony of this is that I have no personal experience in this field :D
1147526 That honestly freaked me out a little when I first pulled up this comment lol :rainbowlaugh: Thank You so much for the reads :D

Woo! Amazing chapter :pinkiehappy: must have MOAR!! :rainbowwild:


You've got me on an endless cycle of that! Crap it feels good! :pinkiesad2:

1155027 :yay: glad you enjoyed it. I personaly think it gets better in the future so I hope you're excited :D

1184691 Glad to pull such a strong reaction:pinkiehappy: feel that cycle. Now imagine writing that for the entertainment of others....

:eeyup: it was a good quick read that i real did in joy. Looking forward to the next chapter if there is one? hopefully you won't take long to put out the next chapter:yay:

Hngggggggggg all the feels :rainbowkiss:

1210284 A quick read? Well I'm obviously not doing my job right because these are supposed to be long chapters. Thank you ever so much for reading and enjoying it. Yes there shall be many chapters to come, however the frequencies of how these chapters come out depends on the amount of free time I have with my school hours.

1214408 LOLZ I hopes you're feeling all the feels because that was the goal. I'm glad you enjoyed it :3

:twilightblush:sorry i said "quick read" but I got use to reading the story second life and there was always a lot to read there. looking forward to the next chapter, but don't rush it because of a few fans. seen a few stories lose the quality thanks to the author thinking that they need to pump out the chapters.
ps. good luck, have fun, and if you don't love it don't post it :pinkiehappy:

1216860 please, my good sir, you underestimate me :3, I pride myself in quality over speed. Tahnks for the read

seriously though. I love this story. you had me hooked from the third paragraph :heart:

1243338 That's the reaction I was going for :pinkiehappy: glad you like it

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