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Heyo, We're Back!! · 2:24am Jun 16th, 2015

Good morning/evening/afternoon, all of my wonderful ladies and gentlecolts!! In the spirit of feeding my large ego I have come to share with you all what you probably all know; and that's that I have made the front page once more. I can't tell all of you how much of an accomplishment this really is to me. Funnily enough it is only a week short of the last time I made it there with Blood Red as Apples, but I know I couldn't have made it without all of your readership. I love each and

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Made It From the Bottom Now We're Here · 2:36am Jun 23rd, 2013

Holy f***ing shit everybody, you've probably already noticed but my latest story Blood Red As Apples made it to the featured wheel!!! That story pushed me (as of this blog post) right to the edge of 100 Stalkers as well. Ever since I started my first story I've only dreamed about getting on the featured wheel and let me tell ya when I saw it I nearly cried (and then nearly vomited) from happiness. Thank you all my wonderful watchers for bringing me here, it may not be a huge

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