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Fluttershy, after a painfully awkward dance at a party with Big Macintosh, goes around Ponyville asking her friends what love feels like. This ends about as well as it could be expected to, and Rarity decides to take things into her own hooves.

01/25/12 - Director's Cut released! Rewritten! Remastered! Re... something! Whatever!

Cover art by the awesomely talented Whitestar1802 on deviantART. No, seriously, his art is incredible. Just... just go look at it.

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C'moooooon. I want comments! Comment!

I'm just about to read it. Here's your comment bro :twilightsmile:

I for one loved it. Good storyline, good characterisation, excellent spelling and grammar.

Plus I adore Rarity when she plays matchmaker.

Its a fun read. No complains in the grammar department, characters act IC enough for the most part. Twilight and the hot sauce I personally feel didn't add much, but that's an opinion and a lot of other readers might find it hilarious. Perhaps the ending felt slightly rushed still. Not much, but... for one date its still a bit to much, to quick maybe. And if I'm really nitpicking I'd say Fluttershy acts just a tad to confident towards the end.

But as I said, fun read and I'm glad I read it.

Just finished your story.
Yes submit it to EqD It is as good as many I have read and better than a lot of others. Also I would like
to see you add some more to the story there have been quite a few FlutterMac stories but I like your take on Fluttershy.
Most of the others seem to think that she is almost incapable of having any confidence in herself at all.
Keep up the good work.

Just submitted to EqD, so... here's hoping.:twilightsmile:

I thought this was very good. I personally do not see what Baree means about the ending being rushed, I thought it was well paced. Aside from that, I thought that Twilight's hot sauce addiction was funny, but I am wondering why you decided to incorporate it into this story. I am not necessarily saying that it is bad, just wondering what your thought process for that was.

One of the first things that most people learn about me is that I don't really HAVE a thought process. If I think it's funny, I shoehorn it in there. But I'm glad you liked it.

Cute and fun little story, you did a great job Wragnaroq. 5/5 for your first story, and you've earned a watcher.

LOVE IT!!:pinkiehappy: Awesome story bro. Keep up the good work.:twilightsmile: Thank you for this awesome FlutterMac story. Now, any other stories that involve FlutterMac shipping?

I definitely recommend submitting it to Equestria daily. Go for it!

PLEASE tell me you have a sequel planned!

Direct sequel? No. Sorry. But I have been planning some other stories. Such as:
Pinkie Pie brings her friends to the Pie family rock farm.
Luna visits the Mane 6 in their dreams.
The Grand Galloping Gala, redux.
And Rainbow Dash reaches stage two of the Wonderbolts try-outs. Awesomeness ensues.

Hell yea you should submit this to EqD!!!!! It....was...so....awesome :rainbowkiss: I loved every minute of it. 5 stars to griffendor :rainbowlaugh:

O.o Th-This, this was...

WINNING! If somepony asked for a great first fic, THIS is where I'd point them! If this doesn't get accepted by EqD, then I SWEAR I'll help MAKE it that way! (Not that I'm sure how it couldn't NOT be good enough! Didn't see many grammar problems or anything, so...)

It was just... I mean, there were several parts that were just to DIE for! "Don't judge me!", the five rules, 'Big Macintosh: Master of Words', and... Just SO much WINNING! I'd LOVE a sequel, but I'll be happy with WHATEVER you write if it's as good as this was!

~ Moonstone, Minstrel of Equestria

I may like this better than my own Fluttermac story (lol gratuitous self-promotion) but there were no exploding barns, so I think I win in that category. It's such a fun pairing to have romantic hijinks with, isn't it? Especially with other ponies (:raritystarry:) meddling in it.

My only real fret is a formatting one-- having spaces between separate lines. Otherwise the text kind of all blurs together.

I enjoyed this quite a bit. Well done.

Nice work, I really enjoyed how you handled the copious amounts of awkwardness by both parties. Nopony slipped in it and it didn't drag or feel boring. :yay::eeyup:

LOVE IT! so many Dawwwwwwws
Love psycho Rarity
Love the Twilight hotsauce thing
Fluttermac is without a doubt the best shipping in the fandom and this is the best story involving them.
You MUST submit this to Equestria Daily.
In the name of Celestia and Luna please please PLEASE write a sequel

Not bad, not bad at all. Very sweet and the character were consistent not too over board. I'm a sucker for FlutterMac so you have been definatly Fav. rated, and tracked. BTW Twilight hiding bottles of hot sauce:pinkiegasp:, priceless, you had me going on something else.:twilightblush:

-Chappy Hooves

Big Macintosh: Master of Words.
There was a heavy slam as Rarity hit her head against a wall.
oh god i dont know why i laughed so hard at this!
you have a follower good sir/ma'am

Should you submit it? Yes
Should it be approved? Yes
Will it be approved? Probably Not because Equ are idiots when it comes to knowing good fanfics :rainbowlaugh:

Well this was an awesome story.

This is mint. This is pure mint.

It makes me feel fresh.

No, that's a weird comment. But I'm too lazy to delete, so there you have it. 5 stars for being awesome. :pinkiehappy:

Fluttermac = Instafavorite

I'll read this later but judging by the other comments, I'm gonna love it! :pinkiehappy:

Aaandddd...I do! These are some of the best characterizations I've ever read in a Fluttermac fic. Absolutely brilliant and totally believable as an actual episode if they ever allowed this sort of thing. Overall it was a beautiful and heartwarming story and to me is a notch above most. 5 stars.

HUZZAH! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Wow, I'm tracking you, man.

In real life. :rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:

I must concur. I am trying to get into this, and it seems pretty amusing, but the block formatting is giving me a migraine. :pinkiesick:

There're no trees to worry about and no page count to fret about on the intertubes. Put line breaks between paragraphs -
it is SO much easier on the eyes. :pinkiesmile:

That said, I do also agree that as far as I have managed to get, it is quite fun and nicely written.

If you haven't already, I would suggest that you do so. There's nothing to lose, after all. All you can do is win and perhaps feel a little put out if you don't. :P

First off, the story is hilarious. At first, I was this about Twilight's habit: :rainbowhuh: and then, when it was revealed that it was hot sauce.... :pinkiehappy: That addition was beautiful, it really was. Absolutely wonderful.

I'm with a previous comment:
The master of words himself.

Laughed way too hard. :P :rainbowlaugh:

I Love LOve LOVE it this story is made of win fluttermac works so well together also What's the spelling error pun?


*runs away and hides in corner*

PRICELESS... the Pinkie what is love moment i almost die laughing

Loved the whole thing with rarity and the moment when fluttershy ask their friends for love definitions its really good

Loved how they get more confident to each other at the ending i would love a sequel but i cant think how would develop maybe you can think in something but its not like obligatory you got a really good fic right here

yes submit it to EqD

You just make me create this account to can see what are you going to do next lol
:yay::eeyup: <3

This is really good, especially for a first story! I will agree that the flow was a bit strange in parts, but it kept the pace fast and the jokes flowing, which is important in a story of this nature. The jokes were pretty high-quality, too - nothing predictable. I really loved Twilight's hot sauce problem and Rarity's matchmaking antics. Well done!

Of all the things that you could have posted, this... is... THE. MOST. WONDERFUL THING!!!!!

This was really cute. Great job.

I'll just comment with this: YEEEEEHAAAAAW!! :rainbowlaugh:
This was a great story. I gotta admit that when Fluttershy first said "What is love?" I stated singing, and when Pinkie suddenly sang as well, I just lost it :rainbowlaugh:

A great one-shot story. Hope to see it on EQD!


Cannot read this as-is. Please, for the love of all things good, put an empty line between your paragraphs or indent the first line of every paragraph, but preferably the former.

Like I'm doing here, with my comment. This is a paragraph.

This is another paragraph.

"This is some dialogue," I said.

"This is some more dialogue," someone else said.

Please please please! I want to read it, but this is just unreadable.

I am working on it literally as we speak. Type. Whatever.

wtf 35 pages. buck that

Aw, ok! The other ideas sound great too! Go for them!


:eeyup: :heart: :yay: Is my fave ship and you captured the pair of them perfectly

i think Phsyics just gave up on pinkie pie and just let her do her own thing

Very nice, I quite enjoyed the read. :moustache:

Well, in answer to your question:

If you don't submit this to Equestira Daily, I will find out where you live, drive there, break down your door and make you do it at gunpoint. And if it doesn't get accepted, then I'll do the exact same thing with Seth and Cereal.

I rarely give 5/5 ratings, because there's always a couple grammar errors that bug me enough to downgrade it to a 4.5, but this one is the rare exception. Everything was very well put together, and balanced hilarity with truckloads of d'aww quite nicely. And I must say, Pinkie's answer to "What is love?" was hilarious. I actually half-expected something like that to appear, but still found it incredibly funny.

But Twilight better watch that hot sauce, or else she'll :coolphoto:

Burn out.

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