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Twilight is being pestered by time-traveling clones of herself, all of whom are entirely too interested in her. It's up to Rarity to figure this out. Or try, anyways. If only Big Mac would be a bit more cooperative...

A romantic comedy. Think two parts romance to one part comedy to one part drama. Updates every Friday.

Author's notes:
Set sometime between Season 3 and Season 4. (Continuity is not my strong suit.)

Thanks to Sharp Spark and many others for their help with this.

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what's really going to bake her noodle is when she realizes that she's going back in time repeatedly for the sole purpose of pestering herself to go on that date

By the way, if anyone knows someone who does work on commission, PM me; I'd like to get some cover art done.

Rarity is wasting her time

Geez Twilight, you're awfully picky about the object of your non-date ruse. Rude!

Fun story! "me and Spike" should be "Spike and I". You wouldn't write "me designed", and adding Spike doesn't change that.

Thanks for the tip, Xanni. That's well spotted. Since it's direct dialogue, I think it's okay.

8128803 I guess so, but surely Twilight is a bit of a stickler for correct grammar?

Fair enough. I'll play around with the sentence.

If you get a kick out of this kind of thing, I can toss you a draft of the next chapter to look at, by the way.

It's either that or tell the travelers to go after Mac instead. Which I guess would still make it "present" Twilight's problem...eventually. I think.

Rarity's right. This stuff is hard.

Twilight was not, perhaps, classically beautiful

Overwhelmingly beautiful in a modern way will just have to suffice I guess.

Awwwww, poor Mac XD Getting suckered into these things. Something tells me he's going to suffer for it, somehow.

Geez Mac, you're such a pushover. :rainbowlaugh:

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