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I make fanfiction sometimes. Just call me 'Talentless'.

Hey, hi, hello, everypony!

I'm a fanfic-maker who once lurked on the site for a while, then made an account to post her own fics.

I'm not too new to the fandom, yet I don't really make a lot of pony-content... aside from my fanfictions at least... if you even count that. I don't have a lot of confidence, but I'll post when I find inspiration.

So, um... I hope you enjoy my fanfics!

.:Basic Information:.
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Birthday: February 17th
Typing Speed: 70 wpm

.Character Preferences.
Favorite Primary Character: Rainbow Dash
Favorite Secondary Character: Discord
Favorite Equestria Girls Character: Sunset Shimmer
Favorite Background Pony: Derpy 'Ditzy Doo' Hooves

♥Shipping Preferences♥
Favorite Twilight Sparkle ship: Flashlight
Favorite Pinkie Pie ship: CheesePie
Favorite Applejack ship: Rarajack
Favorite Rainbow Dash ship: SoarinDash
Favorite Rarity ship: Fancity
Favorite Fluttershy ship: Discoshy

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Does the new site look hurt anyone else's eyes? (+UPDATE) · 1:43am Jun 6th, 2017

Might just be me. I think it was a bit darker before and now I'm kind of squinting at it. I'm sure changing some coding will eventually be for the better but this will take some getting used to.

Read More

Report TheTalentlessPony · 487 views · Story: Let's Talk ·

Story Information

。o♡The Mane Six Series♡o。
(stories I've written to be fair and give each of the mane six a special somepony)
A romance story starring Big Macintosh and Fluttershy.
Applejacking Him Around
A romance story starring Caramel and Applejack.
I DisPiez U
A romance story starring Discord and Pinkie Pie.
Flying Blind Into Love
A romance story starring Soarin and Rainbow Dash.
Experimenting in Feels
A romance story starring Comet Tail and Twilight Sparkle.
Tickling Somepony's Fancypants
A romance story starring Fancypants and Rarity.

//Impulse Series\\
(stories I've written due to an episode giving me a bad reaction)
Let's Talk
An impulse fanfiction written against Newbie Dash. Contains SoarinDash.
An impulse fanfiction written against Make New Friends But Keep Discord. Contains Discoshy/Fluttercord.
Crossing Lines
An impulse fanfiction written against 28 Pranks Later. Contains SoarinDash.

.♡.Discoshy/Fluttercord Series.♡.
(all the Fluttercord stories I've written that don't fit other themes)
More Than Trust
Takes place after Twilight's Kingdom.
Less Than Chaotic
A sequel to More Than Trust.
An Apple a Night
Contains Flutterbat.
Running on Fumes
Silliness in the form of a loopy Fluttershy.
Cottage Sweet Cottage
Takes place after To Where and Back Again.

∘˚˳°Other Romance°˳˚∘
(ships I haven't written enough of to get their own category but are still important to me)
"The Twilight of His Life"
Flashlight story exploring how they progress their relationship when they're older.

.:Non-Romance Stories:.
The Fourth Wall
Explores how Pinkie Pie deals with the fourth wall when she's upset.

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I've just discovered your Fluttercord works today and I see you haven't been on the site in a year. I may be late to the party, but you've written some very enjoyable stories. Hope all is will with you.

I'm very eager to read new stories from you.

Why you call you talentless!?
You have more talent than me! So much more talent than me!
Pd: I love your fics.

I see. :rainbowderp:
Do you mind translating that? I don't speak fangasmese. :raritywink:



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