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This story is a sequel to More Than Trust

After the happenings of More Than Trust, Discord must learn to deal with his new state and manage his relationship with Fluttershy. The latter is easy, but the former is something that he hadn't even thought about handling. It's rough, but that's okay. Fluttershy's there to help him.

She's always there.

However, no amount of comfort from Fluttershy has been able to quell it. It feels familiar, but it's a stranger to him.

Is it right to hide it from his love, or could she be hurt in the process of keeping such a secret?

A DiscordXFluttershy ( DiscoShy / FlutterCord ) fanfiction sequel.

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Cool cover image.

Magic-less Discord can't fly, eh?
Eh, I'll roll with it. :rainbowlaugh:


Thanks! I'm really proud of it. :twilightsmile:


Well, pegasi can only fly because of the magic in their wings.

Do you think a huge guy like Discord could fly with those tiny wings of his, not to mention the fact that they're completely unsymmetrical? XD


I agree with this... but I strongly suspect Discord has some inherent magic in his body parts. Like, because he has a pegasus wing, he can cloud walk even without his chaos powers, because the magic is inherent to his body. That doesn't mean he'd be able to fly, though; his wings are waaay too small even for pegasus or dragon flight magic to work unless he is either negating gravity or morphing them larger, and without his chaos powers, he can't do either of those things.

I like how you have him physically strong but with no stamina. That makes sense to me. His body looks like it's pretty much 100% long muscle, and he uses it as such -- he's extremely flexible as a body, even without factoring in the chaos powers, almost like a giant snake with legs. To be as flexible as he is, his muscles need to have a lot of inherent strength. But he's used to supporting them with chaos magic, and fueling his body with more or less limitless energy, so he'd tire out really quickly.





Points for custom cover art:pinkiehappy:


Half-custom technically considering that I 'stole' poses of the characters from the show, but thanks anyway! :pinkiehappy:

Take all of my favorites and likes. :unsuresweetie:

SHUT UP AND TAKE MY LIKES!! XD yay, sequel! I'm hoping for more. :D

Yes! Will there be more?

4402657 oh divine, that is hilarious!

Please may there be some form of disaster where he has to temporarily re-accept his powers.


I already have a barrel full of them, but I will happily accept more. :3 Thank you!


Ask and you shall receeeeeive~ >w< Working on Chapter 2 right now~

4402756 That's a very amazing thought you have.

4402942 Yeah, how exactly did you make the 'mirror' effect? A sidewalk tile?


Nah. It was a mixture of a Trail effect I had, plus a blur effect, then a Tile Reflection and enhanced details.


No actually. I don't use Photoshop. XD

Gahh! So cute! Must have more! Really fun read. Can't wait to enjoy the next chapter.

So...cute...can't...take it!:pinkiegasp:

4404631 Me neither. What program did you use?



Free and simplistic enough for my tiny mind. <w>

4405418 Paint made THAT possible?!

4405442 Damn, I gotta get that shit.


It's average on its own, but there's a LOT of plug-ins that you can download to improve it.

Turn off the mature setting and you'll find this is featured!

4405772 I always have to do that if I don't wanna see excessive clop in the feature. Good thing, too.

So adorable!

But...why doesn't Discord have his chaos anymore? Didn't he get it back when everyone else got their magic back from Tirek?

Or is that the entire premise of this story, him getting it back?


This is a sequel to More Than Trust, a story I made a week ago.

You should probably read that before this.

Whoops! I could have sworn I had.


It's okay! Everypony makes mistakes~

Discord you slick mother fu:yay:ker

Evil echo-y voice... I SENSE A BAD THING!

:rainbowlaugh:Wow I can't stop laughing at "the prank"

Although this is a good chapter as it established well how the Fluttercord relationship evoled since the last story,and sort of introduced the new problem. And seriously this just made me go DAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWW (which usually only happens when I read Cheesepie fics)

Good luck going into the sequel

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