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Hello there, I've been a fan of MLP for a while now and finally decided that I should start getting involved with the fandom. My favorite pony is Fluttershy and...not sure what else to say here :P

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You've been offline for 60 weeks now. Hope you're doing okay, also I love your stories! :twilightsheepish: If you just kind of, up and left I guess you won't see this. Even if you got back on I'd probably just be a lost satellite, but I guess I just thought to let you know that there's still people who like your stories, and probably miss you!

This account has been dead for so long...TIME TO REVIVE IT!!

1313945 No, you have 19 now.
I have 56.

Have 18 more followers than I thought I'd have :pinkiegasp:

1313933 :twilightsmile: That's great! I am late with that new story.

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