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I make fanfiction sometimes. Just call me 'Talentless'.


Discord was never one to notice small things, at least if it didn't involve him (or if it was something he couldn't use to tease somepony else about), but when it came to Fluttershy, he noticed even the slightest details.

So, one night, he takes an unusual interest in the contents of Fluttershy's fridge; or rather, the lack of a specific content. It seems like nothing, but when Fluttershy stutters upon answering, he feels like he's discovered something good, and he won't give in until he finds out.

Featured 1/27/17 - 1/31/17

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 84 )

Oddly adorable beginning, especially with the board game interaction.

Adorable, and oddly hilarious.

It's an accident, to be perfectly honest. I usually only intend to just have them interacting, and then it ends up being cute by mistake.

This was so touching and adorable.

This was pretty good and was honestly show level quality and you stayed pretty true to the characters that you used. 9.8/10 if only because nothing is perfect.

O-oh my gosh. >/////< T-thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

By far one of the cutest Discord-Fluttershy stories I have ever read! Amazing job! :pinkiehappy:

I hope someday Flutterbat will return and we get to see Discord's reaction (or lack of). This would make for an interesting episode!

This was such a nice and cute story. Nice work.

Yeah, that'd be awesome! Though, if it was going to happen, I suppose it already would've by now.

Then again, it took Gilda four seasons to come back so who knows.

Top notch
Characters fit in perfectly
A little jumpy in the scenes, but not distracting
Can be improved with a little more detail

But that is just my critic and dead inside self saying that

9.99 out of 5 stars :yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::flutterrage:

Ahhh, thank you so much! ;////;

Yeah, the "jumpiness" is definitely in part due to my own personal issues with storytelling. I just don't have the attention span to write long stories, so I tend to skip details sometimes.

Such a good one; Discord is a difficult character to write, as is Fluttershy, and any fanfic with the two of them is a difficult one to pull off. That being said, you did an amazing job portraying them, especially in this situation. The I would have liked a little more description, if I had to critique anything, but a very nice job indeed!

Oh my gosh, thank you! >////<

Yeah, descriptions have always been one of my weaknesses. Long stories/descriptions simply aren't my forte.

7899708 But if Discord is in it, does that make the oddness of said hilarity normal?

Talentless, you already know how I feel about it: a solid story because it stole the compact state of my atoms and loosened them til I was liquid.


But I ended you with the kindest of intentions, I assure you! :scootangel:

REGARDLESS! >/////////<

(Love you though~ <3)

lovely :heart: i love it fluttercord best ship 100% and this is adorable fluffy mush and I love it <3<3<3<3

Talentless, you are not talentless, you are talented [Most times I've said talented in a sentance, huzzah]. You are a pretty good writer, and I like your style. Romance isn't my thing, as I mostly write grim-dark and torture scenes that usually involve tears and sadness and shit like this...
Innocent Snout.
So don't be me, Alone and afraid, be a dead meme that blows out yer fucking ears! XD Epilepsy warning M8's.
Warning Headphone users 0-0 Lets hope to god your little sister or brother doesn't see this...
Forever Lonely is ouuuuuuttttt 0<>* So fab

Aww, thank you. It makes me happy when people say I'm talented, especially when it comes to writing because, I'm gonna be completely honest, I don't like books and don't have the attention span to get through long stories, so my writing style is almost self-taught in a way. I don't have a lot of material to take from.

So yeah, I'm glad you think I'm good at this stuff! ^^

7902266 No problem I like giving people credit to their wonderful stories 0<>0 also congrats on getting featured~

Wonderful story, I really enjoyed reading it. And congrats on being featured. This story certainly deserved it! :pinkiehappy::yay:

This was a very good shot story.

This was fantastic - I really enjoyed how cute and well-written the interactions were.
Especially the board game from the first chapter, it sounded exactly like something Discord would make up for entertainment. Everyone was in-character and I could definitely connect with this story. :pinkiehappy:

A solid 5 of 5 stars! Great work and congratulations on getting it featured so quickly!

Thank you very much! I was quite proud of the board game scene, so I'm glad others liked it. >//<

I think this would be much better if you dialed back the exposition and whatnot.

Thanks for the critique! I guess that makes sense given that this is slightly longer than I expected it to be. Usually I don't have enough detail. :twilightsheepish:

That was nice. Nothing epic or grand, but Discord comforting Fluttershy was nice. I loved that.

Haha, thanks! Yeah, 'epic' and 'grand' aren't really my specialty. :twilightblush:

This story warmed my heart! :twilightsmile:

This is cute, and very readable.
I have just the one issue:

heart beating fastly


This is a terrible word lol. Might i suggest "quickly" or "rapidly".

Fixed! Thanks! I don't think sometimes. :derpyderp1:

I ship it! It's so adorable! I think they're characters were spot on here

I find that most (non-dark/gore/horror/thriller, otherwise known as 'genres I detest with every fibre of my being') works with Fluttershy tend to be adorable.
Part of her personality, I guess - she's always trying to make those around her happy, and since she's shy, she sometimes misses social cues and the like, and is quite fragile most of the time. She's also soft-spoken and easily scared, leading to numerous 'aww' moments.

Fluttermad, however, is not adorable. That can be quite daunting, at times.

Unless it was anyone else asking; then I would most definitely say 'no'...

So if Princess Twilight, a member of royalty and the leader of the group who defeated you AND saved you from Tirek (returning your magic as well), despite your traitorous ways, wanted you to do something, Discord, you'd say 'no'?
What kind of sense does that ma...oh wait, you hate 'sense'. Never mind.

So in order to make you do that, Princess Twilight would have to ask Fluttershy to ask you? Despite her also being your 'friend'?
Something just doesn't seem right, there... what would happen if Fluttershy asked you to be more considerate, and thus do more with, and for, your 'friends'? Would you find yourself forced to do it, just because Fluttershy asked you to, or would you finally learn to let more than one pony into your heart?

Also, what would happen when Fluttershy inevitably perishes? Would you just become a semi-reliable agent of Celestia's and Luna's, or would you find new 'friends'?

That makes sense! And then Discord's kind of a massive dork so the combination ends up cute naturally.

I can't tell if you're being serious or not.

If you are, he didn't really mean it that way. He meant more like, if it was anyone else asking him to do all these things, he'd already either not be in the situation in the first place or wouldn't care for the pony asking.

Fluttershy is usually the one to ask him for things, and since the situation concerns her, that already makes him interested. Nopony else would really ask Discord to let him see their problems or insecurities, and he'd already know that whatever reaction he'd give wouldn't be what they wanted anyway, thus he'd say "no" to requests like what Fluttershy is asking. He's not saying he'd say no to ALL requests from anypony, but it's more like, given the very specific situation, it wouldn't really be worth the time or effort for anyone else.

Plus, given information by 'What About Discord?', Twilight (and the others until that weekend Twilight wasn't around) still didn't see Discord as a true friend. Either she didn't want Tirek to keep him or she was extending a hoof of acceptance to Discord because he was clearly sorry, though that didn't mean she'd instantly like him.

Discord doesn't like to be used, and he knows that Fluttershy doesn't want to use him; she wants to confide in him, which makes him much more willing to do what she asks.

This was simply adorable :)

This was a great and touching story :twilightsmile:

lol, Shameless fluff! Almost a bit too sweet for me personally, but a bit of fluff every now and then does a person good :3

It's like it's all I do nowadays. I could build a house with all this fluff. :rainbowlaugh:

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