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Remember That One Story I Wrote? Me Neither.


In order to secure a future together, Discord grants Fluttershy ascension into a entity of chaos.

Gaining abilities of the elder creature Cthulhu.

Though after the ritual, Fluttershy must learn to cope with new cosmic powers at her command.

Gaining cultists.

Opening up portals to horrific dimensions.

And learning to live with odd new transformations her body is starting to undergo.

At least Discord is at her side for guidance, if that can be seen as a positive.

Made Popular On 6/18/19

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Looks promising.

Hope "lover" isn't meant in the sense it is usually used in the present times, since they don't seem to be married.

I'm enjoying this already

Seems interesting, I'll put a watch on it and see what happens.

I only made her a byakhee, I didn’t actually turn her into a Great Old One. https://www.deviantart.com/charelzzz/art/Call-of-C-thulhooves-Episode-1-Chapter-2-302052868

I humbly request more my good sir.

You're really earning that follow!

>implying one must be married before anything intimate happens

That was delightful, made my night lol.:rainbowkiss:




This story won't break beyond passionate kisses, Heavy Cuddling and Cozy Snuggles! :rainbowkiss:

So take whatever implication of the word you prefer.

This story is more focused on the companionship of two creatures as well as the Transformitive journey.

huh fluttershy having the powers of Cthulh. You have me hooked. Can't wait for more chapters:pinkiehappy:

YES, Fave and like just for the concept.

9685491 She's so ADORABLE! :raritystarry:

Works for me I think?
The standards by which I grant my tiny mark of approval hardly require a formal ceremony when one such as Discord is involved. Merely a permanent and exclusive* commitment, which bits of this chapter imply is being made, despite it not seeming to have existed before these events.
*Polygamy can work for Ponies in theory, but I'm not sanguine regarding the subconcious effects on readers... might rethink this fine point in the future.
Yes, yes I am. To be clear: Beyond hugs, kisses, etc.

Where did you get that image from ?

Click source under the picture.

It's art done by Pixel Prisim on DA!

It's the calmest of seas, that hold the fiercest of monsters.


It doesn't show the picture's source for me.... When I did that it just separated the pic fron the website... Like when you click open image in a new window

9686650 9686918
I believe this was the link the author meant to use.

What if fluttershy gained two heads one that always lies and one that always tells the truth

Very nice story! I love the premise.

The only problem is that the frasing is somewhat awkward in places, and there's a lot of flowery language used in the first chapter. Another little nitpick is the characters. They seem a bit too extreme, and it's hard to believe that Twilight would be so completely against Fluttershy wanting to change. I feel like if she was in that situation, she would at least try to understand Fluttershy or give some opposing arguments beyond what was said in story. And the interactions between Fluttershy and Discord are a bit much. They're far too lovey-dovey and it detracts from their personalities.

I know that's a lot of criticism, but please don't stop this story because of it. I just want to help your story be the best it can, and give some advice to make you a better writer.

Wishing you all the best,
A Stranger

Fuck you Twilight you asshat

Many of mistakes have been made by ignoring advise given by sincere friends.

I do not altogether agree with how Twilight is protrayed. You got the I am sure I am right down but ignored all the consideration of friends from the beginning of the series. She would have made a list of pros and cons and debated with Fluttershy why it is a bad idea on the logic side of things ignoring the emotional ones. And let's face it, when people decide to act on solely emotions, it always ends tragically.

But this is fiction where things can have a happily ever after and we came to she Fluttershy become an Eldritch abbomination abeit a hopefully cute one.

This reads kind of like a play or a musical of sorts.
It's dialogue is very theatrical and I find that to be a unique style of writing that you don't see too often on the site.
It makes it kind of cheesy, but in a good way.
It's hard not to imagine the characters as actors upon a stage, like in a musical, and that ads it's own flair to the story.

I'll keep track of this for future updates, but I applaud what you've done so far.

trees bathed in the calming light even as the grass swayed and across the ground, caressed by the kiss of the wind.

Don't think there needs to be an "and" there.

This seems like a sweet, but chaotic, story.

Ty, I was trying to go for that style.

Sort of a stylized approach.

Thought it might be in the spirit of the story at hand, lol.

Can't believe I missed that, Ty.

It's been fixed.

I'm hoping for a fluff feel for the comedy, romance.

Though having some dark undertones planned to contrast.

Lol, well she's acting stubborn.

In the next chapter she is making an appearance at Fluttershy's ritual. Though as the story progresses, Twilight will be our guide on seeing the horrors growing around her. Much like the narrator's role, the well upbringing, intelligent character, running into the horrors of the unknown, lol.

Lol I know, I'm purposely making it lovey dovey.

Trying to stylize what Fluttershy wants to believe is her perfect romantic happy ending.

Trust me once the opening to this story is through, that dies down to a more realistic tone. Then the eldritch horror aspects of the story will shift into the more stylized tone, same with Twilight I'm stylizing them as a reference towards like the overblown nature of these types of horrors, lol.

But as some parts shift to reality others will become, otherworldly and odd.

I feel keeps it in a Surreal type of feel.

Also ty, I adore criticism!

I'd never improve without help.

Chapter 3 should be out a bit later.


Yep it was, ty Drider lol.

Updating now!

I'm planning a " The Dunwich Horror" type of transformation.

H.P. Lovecraft

It's going to be a growingly disfigured look.

With tentacles, chimerism and a few other things.

Not to give too much away.

I'm planning several looks, through the story.

One which is a Dunwich reference and another, which will be different.

Ah. Okay. I can see it now, once you've explained it. And I agree, criticism is always good. :)

why is there a romance tag on this

Because at the heart of all this, is still going to have a Fluttershy X Discord romance in it.

i suppose i should thank you for the warning
i rather despise that ship

Can I be upset if fluttershy doesnt get a dragon tail?

Ooooh I will be looking forward to it.

Looks very good so far, Keep going!

I know this is a bit left field... But please tell me we're going to find out that Pinkie ascended years ago and has just been keeping herself in check or something like that.

Also, unrelated to that wish, loving the start of the story.

Lol sure, but how about dragon wings?


Planning other tales, set in the universe of this story.

So time may tell...:pinkiegasp:

Loving it so far, wondering how many of the Mane 6 will be getting extended lifespans in some form or other in the connected worlds. I could see AJ going either dryad or Gaia for her extension and RD is CLEARLY valkyrie material. Who knows what Pinkie's would be and Rarity, well, nothing REALLY jumps out for her to me other than the trope of being a vampire and that just doesn't have the same level of staying power as the rest.

You know, I could picture Fluttershy making a good Shub Niggurath.

So, what's going to happen if she puts on the elementof kindness, or tries to activate he Rainbow Power? Can a Chaos God harmonize with Harmony?

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