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I love fluttercord way too much.


This story is a sequel to The Two with Good Taste

*Strongly recommended that you read the the prequel first, though not required. It will just help explain a few things.

It's been two months since Fluttershy defended her 'princess' from the crowd of mean ponies during her pet adoption event. And yet, Discord is still waiting for her to realize that they've fallen for each other. He's tried his best, but his flirting only seems to make things worse rather than better. He's growing impatient, and he doesn't know what to do.

Meanwhile, Fluttershy has grown troubled over her clashing feelings for Discord and the way he flirts with her. But when she goes on a mission to save a group of innocent souls in need, she finds herself in a troubling situation, alone and in need of help.

Sometimes, a single event is all it takes for a pony to put two and two together.

Cover by TheTalentlessPony

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I'm so happy this came out. I always liked the prequel, 'The Two With Good Taste.' After it was done, I thought it could use a sequel to really wrap everything up. I'm glad you did. It's really good! This one is definitely worthy of being its predecessor.

This is so incredible and sweet!!! I'm really flattered you used my idea for this :twilightblush: I loved Fabianna, and I could picture her voice perfectly XD This piece is just as great as your other ones :)

I have to admit...this is probably one of your best stories, tater! I hope you continue on with writing cute fluttercord oneshots! Maybe some with them already in a relationship? Anyway, great read and I can't wait for your next story!

And yes, guys like Loose Lips are just awful!

The shipping feels man!!!! Oh my gosh!!!! ??

Oh my gosh Tater, this is da best!:D Oh my gosh, it's hard to choose out of this trilogy which is my favorite because, not only do they get better with each one, but they're each different from one another and offer differing qualities that makes them special and not dominate the other:) Oh man, I just love the whole "reverse knight and princess" theme for these two, it sooo works and it's sooo cute for Fluttershy & Discord:3 <3
Just like everyone else, and you're probably tried of reading these kinds of comments but, I'm interested in a sequel to this seeing Fluttershy & Discord as a couple. Your story is so unique because you make Fluttershy & Discord super flirty and I would to see this super flirtyness increase with a new story;) Anyway, keep up the good work Tater!:D

I’m dead! I’m dying and there’s no return for me this time, I swear! I don’t know where I lost it more. It might be when we realized Crazy Straw was Discord coming to save the day. How bad is it that I couldn’t put two and two together until Fluttershy actually said it? I seriously thought it was just a mare doing the good thing that girls should totally do when they see other girls in that situation. Anyway! Yes, loved that!

I also lost it when Fluttershy finally said it, and he totally missed it, but that was more hysterical laughter than squealing for five minutes. Way to go, Discord! And he kept asking her to say it again because “I need my moment, c’mon! I’ve been working on this for months, Fluttershy! I created scenarios in my head and everything.” But she’s just like, “lolnope get rekt.” Well, that’s what I would say, but oh well.

I like these two flirting back and forth, what with the knight and princess thing. You don’t usually see them flirting, or do I just need to get back into reading Fluttercord more often? It’s just really cute.

I was surprised by Discord being very hesitant to touch her after she dealt with that buttface. Of course, she went through a rather scary situation, and I love how considerate he is, actually. Just generally, Discord isn't one for understanding the concept of privacy. It wasn't even a problem, and for this series, I'm sure if I read it in its new order, it'd make better sense. It's a sign of him changing for the better just by being her friend/something more. ;)

I’m not sure what else to write. This was just a really nice piece where Fluttershy finally figures it out, and they finally get together, and it wrapped up its prequels nicely.

Omgosh sooo sweet, I love how in character you keep them both. This was sweet and hilarious, I was in hysterics when "Crazy Straw" was talking about Flutters "dad". And I actually was imagining Fru-Fru as Fabiana, excellent work. This is definitely one if my favorite Flutterchord stories.

Total perfection! I haven't been back to this site in forever. So glad I did. And I totally was hearing the voice of the jersey shore rodent from Zootopia and for Majesty he sounded like Zazu from Lion King to me. Most important I totally hear John d's voice when u write him. So cocky and charming.
I think it was sweet that you kept it innocent...but if you want to write a bonus level about what else is going on... Shoot me a message on fanfiction lol. Ahem....anywho you are amazing and good luck in grad school it can be grueling but life gets better after and it is totally worth it. Thank you for sharing your time and talent!

This is great! Very nice read. Crazy Straw is new best OC. :rainbowlaugh:

Now I want to see how the others react to their relationship. And I would love to see a wedding that has Flutters wearing a suit and Discord in a dress!!:rainbowlaugh::trollestia::pinkiehappy:

It wasn’t as if this would be the first time he stayed over, either. They’d had plenty of sleepovers before, sometimes even waking up next to each other on the couch in the morning after a night of talking.

Finally! Someone who respects the fact that sleepovers can be innocent, regardless of age! My stars, this paragraph alone was worth a it. :twilightsmile:

I'm happy to say that I enjoyed this Series of Twos, nifty little FlutterCords they are. Mind if I do a review of it in the future?

I just read all three story and a have to say:
They are all realy realy great and lovely :raritystarry:

I loved the series. It was really good.

“What? Nah,” Discord said, shaking his head. “I’m not nearly as enamored with apple products as you mini horses are.”

I know, right? I hate IPhones! 📱 :rainbowlaugh:
I don’t know why horses love them so much!

Fabiana is the greatest

I love Fluttershy having "girl Talk" with a mouse. And Fabiana is so AWESOME!

Majesty’s feathers ruffled in irritation. “Oh hush. All I’m saying is that it’s best to let things happen naturally than to force it. Be patient with her, Discord. You’ve gone this long, surely you can wait a bit longer. And I’m sure that I’m not the first one to tell you this.”

Maul would like to third this advice.
"I have waited years for my revenge. I can wait a little longer."

I am beyond thrilled at the review you gave me, because everything you liked about it was exactly what I wanted people to like about it! Especially since I toned things down (like in the seedy bar scene) because this is Equestria, a land created for kiddos to enjoy. And you understood why I toned Ol' Cordy down.

I am honored by your words. Thank you, thank you times a million! (I didn't even ask you to read this one, making it even better!)

I will never mind a review!

I will never look at pelicans the same :pinkiegasp:

This was so cute i had to hide under my keyboard. Several times.

Awww, they’re adorable 🥰

He met Fluttershy’s eyes again. “I just don’t want for you to worry, you know. I know I can make you...vuncomfortable sometimes.”

This is probably a typo, but even if so, you should consider leaving it in. Stress could effect her diction after all.

“The stallion! The one that needs Bitox and a face full of mouthwash. That’s what I’ve named him. I think it fits, don’t you?”

Loose Lips failed to sink this ship... In case that isn't clear the S.S. Fluttercord. The original saying was an admonition in WWII regarding operational security.

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