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As a way to further apologize for his deplorable behavior at the Grand Galloping Gala, Discord escorts Fluttershy home in a way that only the Spirit of Chaos can conjure up.

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Squeeee! Fluttercord fluff! :yay: :heart: :pinkiecrazy:

I've read this on fanfiction! It's written quite well and it gives all the right fluttercord feels. Great job, up voted and faved! Hope you write more!

Loved it on fanfiction.net, love it here, too. So cute and pretty well written. I do think Fluttershy wouldn't give him any sort of romantic gestures after such a disaster like with what happened at the Gala. But reading this, I didn't think too much about it because it's fluffy cutesie-ness and I'd rather take a break from being a critic so I can smile at the cuteness (and at the very least, it was addressed).

Was the fanfiction version different? Then don't say you liked both

I don't see how discord could like anything. He's a spirit! He has emotions, but it's against his name and nature: Discord. Being chaotic doesn't change the fact either

6672724 Wait, what? From what I can remember of the first one, I enjoyed it enough (I put it in my favorites for my fanfiction.net account, and I don't have a lot of Fluttercord on that) and it doesn't seem any different. Even if it was altered a little, for some reason, I still liked it. I'm kinda confused by what you're asking?

OMG I can't stop squeeing, this was so cute! :heart:

This was lovely. You really describe the scene so well that I get a clear visual on what is happening. It would be wonderful if you continued the story from here. Pretty please.

Lovely little story, a joy to read. :)

He shut his eyes, gritting his teeth together as he remembered the way she'd cried when he betrayed her to Tirek not too long ago, throwing their friendship to the wind in exchange for power. Like he'd had any right to get angry with her for making new friends and accusing her of ditching him, when he was the one who had done that very thing.

Yoooooooooo I never made this connection before. Ouch.

I love this so much! It's so sweet and calming, I adore it. Great job!

Oh Celestia! This is so sweet!:heart::twilightsmile:

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