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I love fluttercord way too much.


Applejack makes a deal with Discord that seems both daunting and too good to be true.

And yet, the truth is the very thing the deal is about: because how can you get closer to others without letting yourself be a little vulnerable? How can one make deeper bonds with a friend through the truth?

And what if Discord wants a bond even deeper that that?

Is she worth it?

Is she...?

Written for Fluttercord Week 2022: Truth Serum

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Well this was a really sweet story and I never thought that Applejack wanted to be good friends with Discord despite that he tried to hide his feelings but deep down he really wanted to make more friends and trying to be a little open but sometimes his pride and mysterious get in a way so she gave him the truth serum and made a deal with him but when he got to Fluttershy there was a lot of things he really wanted to say so her but he couldn't and deep inside damn that old discard that we remember back in season 2 who want to take advantage but he'd rather lose all of his magic then let anything happen to Fluttershy so he took the potion and basically let it all out which again it was really very romantic and very sweet and so he went to Applejack to tell her that he did it and he also told the truth he actually did like her even though for him it was hard but he did say it this was very nice story keep up the good work

That was really good. I always loved how you write Discord, it seems to inform how I view him (along with Geekcat's portrayal of him) and even in a story of truth serums, you did well in keeping him in character while he says thing he would never normally say. I feel like if they did a season 10, this could've been an actual episode about Discord being more open to others.

I always liked how you try to make Applejack someone who gives Discord a shot compared to some of the other Mane Six, which I can see, especially since Discord is great friends with her big brother and has probably been around the farm as a result, leading to AJ seeing him in a different light than the others might (except Flutters of course) .

Everyone was in character and your humor was fantastic. In short, I love your content in general and this was no exception.

This story was wonderful. Discord was perfectly in-character, as he always is in your writing, using his magic at just the right moments to emphasize his words. I also loved how he tried to "set the scene" before both of his meetings with Applejack :rainbowlaugh:

Speaking of Applejack, I really like how you wrote her here. She's upfront about why she's giving Discord the serum, and how she wants to grow closer, but also acknowledges that she needs to put some trust in Discord if she really wants him to open up. I also like how, even though Discord pointed out how he could obviously cheat by just dumping out the potion, he didn't seem to seriously consider tricking AJ.

I liked how, of course, there was a small part of Discord that latched onto the plan of seeing if Fluttershy liked him before even daring to confess his own feelings. But I liked even more that Discord silenced that part of himself because he doesn't want to trick or manipulate Fluttershy like that.

And the confession...it was beautiful. chef's kiss And Fluttershy's reaction, telling him to kiss her, and him using his "reward" of a weekend at Sweet Apple Acres to take Fluttershy on a date, and walking through the orchard to spend more time with Applejack after he gives her the empty bottle...:heart: perfection.

"But it’s much more appreciated than the trope where you basically just spew out word vomit on whatever you’re thinking. That trope is way overdone.”

Feeling called out on the way I used the truth potion in my fic, haha...sweats I really do like your interpretation of the serum just making it easier to tell truths, with more serum increasing the effects. And unrelated, but that remark about him turning (or not turning) someone into coconut rice with mango made me think of our roleplay...:twilightsmile:

I absolutely adored this story, and I am delighted that you wrote and shared it. :heart:

I've been waiting to read this all day, literally buzzing with anticipation. (Was determined to finish my story first, cause I've been up too late writing lately,lol,) And sweet chaos I loved it. I loved the attention to detail, even the subtle things, things that aren't nececarily for the sake of the story, but add dimensions to the characters and make them all the more real.

Applejack had to chuckle as she felt a shiver go down Discord’s spine. “Sorry. I forgot you don’t always like it when ponies mention that you DO make sense.”

Discord opened his mouth, and then promptly closed it.

That’s not why.

For some reason i loved the inclusion of that, just the little callback to the time he almost dissapeard for being normal. It didn't have to be there, but it was a small thing that added greatly to the characterization and the feeling in this.

I've always felt AJ would be the most likely to from a bond with him, she just has that sortof personality that he'd need in a friend. They are characters I see as being confidants, so I love that she's trying to build trust with him, and that she's willing to take the first step. Plus,, That whole sugarcube thing was sweet, and I'm happy he told her that he appreciated her endearment, without the aid of the truth serum.

And of course, there's the confession, and I love how he acknowledges the side that he wanted to be rid of, and he batted away the temptation of taking advantage of her, choosing instead to take the risk. Because, Discord would. He'd take the risky road, cause he's chaos. Even if it scares him. It is just more proof of how he's changed and that was beautiful.

This story constantly surprised me in all the best ways with its cleverness and charm. Beautiful work as always

Well this was just too dang sweet. Well done on your characterization of Discord!

Probably the best use of a truth serum I've ever seen. Most find it hard to write about compulsion, rather than a lack of inhibition. Well done!
(also, was really heartwarming and sweet. I heard/imagined Discord's lines in Discord's voice, and that's not a common thing for me)

I've seen many works of fiction that involve a truth serum, but this is the first where a character takes it willingly. And yet it makes sense when Applejack explains her reasons for wanting him to use it. I like how this story shows Discord's vulnerability while staying true to his character.

You really do know how to write a good Discord. Respect!
Actually, all the characters are on track. I picked out Discord because I don't get along with him quite so well, so every time I read someone's take on him and it is this good, I just marvel at it.
Your spin on the truth serum was nice, too.
A part of me wants to mention how tired the entire 'I didn't tell you because I didn't want to risk our friendship'-trope is, but then again - that is quite realistic and one of the most prevalent reasons to keep stuff like that down. I still think it could have been interesting to find a different reason, though.
And I half-expected AJ to reveal that the potion's only magical effect was that it had a nice, purple glow by the end.
I had a great time, so...

Thank you.

Ah, of course it's you, tater, back with the great Discord.

Lovely story, wish I could think of more words to match how good I think it was. Great Dissy, great AJ and Flutters, great gags and nice, sappy loveliness.

:pinkiegasp: FRAZZLED!!! :pinkiegasp:

MY DEAR, OLD FRIEND! It is so good to hear from you! Gosh, I can't even remember how long it's been!

And I'm flattered! I remember we'd talk so much about how to improve my stories, particularly with the flow, if I remember correctly. I'm humbled by your praise. I'm glad you read this after all these years, even more so that you enjoyed it!

I'm so happy!!!

I'm glad you remember me. It's been so long I wasn't sure I'd made enough of an impression to stick in your mind. Glad you could use my input.

Life happened and I got so behind on MLP that it got confusing to read fanfiction about it but I'm glad I kept checking once in a while, if nothing else because of this.

Oh, I forgot to mention that it was really lovely to have so much AJ in this fic. Even if the fic is Fluttercord, it is always nice to see some attention paid to the other relationships, because the obsessive, laser focus on a pairing is a problem with many, many romance fics. This ended up being almost as much a friendship as a love fic and that was lovely.

Best parts of this fic:

  • the genre shifting and Discord's (very valid) indignation that AJ won't play along, because he is doing So Much
  • the spin on the truth serum trope, making it more, well, honest without that weird "it had to be manipulated outta them" that comes with usual truth potion stuff
  • his revelation that she IS worth the risk, omg the way I melted

Like, overall I adored this fic already. But I just wanted to point out my fav parts haha. Your Discord and AJ sound super spot on. Excellent work all around!!

I always thought disord just needed some trust,And you did, l Like this applejack,And fluttercord it's really sweet

Aww thank you so much! I'm so glad you liked it! I always love reviews that specifically point out what they like. And I could not write a fic about a truth serum without some AJ, and in this series, it just seems wrong to not highlight the importance of Discord’s friendships with at least one of the others. The show did not highlight romance often for a reason! And I wanted to make it as honest and heartfelt as possible, so I tried avoiding more popular takes on truth serum stories and tried to make the serum something that could actually make the drinker stronger... not necessarily totally vulnerable.

Thanks again for the awesome review! Also, as a side note, I love your avatar. Asui is one of my top favorite MHA characters!

my thought is the nicest thing Discord could ever do for the Apple family is give them an extra day of Zap apples

This was loads of fun! But I wanna know what Discord (and Fluttershy) are going to do to Sweet Apple Acres. Cheers!

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