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G'Day everypony, SweetCookie's the name and I'm an amateur writer, so please don't think anything I write is professional enough xD

My Writing Collection of Long Stories (Stories by ME!)

My Writing Collection of Short Stories (Stories by ME)

Little Bit About Me

G'Day Everypony, SweetCookie's the name, and I've decided to get an account here because of a very dear friend of mine :)

If I cannot procrastinate, I'd post some stories here, but otherwise I'm just hanging out or reading :)

Little bit of info:
-Pegasister (evidently)
-Self-taught Actress (not professional!)
-Professional Procrastinator
-Born in Australia (I don't have an Australian Accent actually. I have an American one xD)

Have a wonderful day mares, colts and foals!
Trotting Away~



Story On Hiatus · 3:50am Jul 25th, 2018

G'Day everypony, SweetCookie here with a little update,

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