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2023 Day 1 - Cutie Mark Crusaders (Suggested by BlueHeartTattoo) 0
2023 Day 2 - Cuddles (Suggested by KiranaXavaro) 4
2023 Day 3 - Inspiration (Suggested by NatalySweeneyArts) 2
2023 Day 4 - Safe Place (Suggested by CocoLove2176) 3
2023 Day 5 - Human and Ponies (Suggested by TheFVGuy) 1
2023 Day 6 - Dance (Suggested by Cheerful9) 4
Day One: Saturday Jan. 19th 2019 3
Day Two: Sunday Jan. 20th 2019 1
Day Three: Monday Jan. 21st 2019 2
Day Four: Tuesday Jan. 22nd 2019 1
Day Five: Wednesday Jan. 23rd 2019 2
Day Six: Thursday Jan. 24th 2019 1
Day Seven: Friday Jan. 25th 2019 4
Day One: Sunday January 19th 2020 5
Day Two: Monday January 20th 2020 3
Day Three: Tuesday January 21st 2020 1
Day Four: Wednesday January 22nd 2020 3
Day Five: Thursday January 23rd 2020 3
Day Six: Friday January 24th 2020 2
Day Seven: Saturday January 25th 2020 2
Day One: Tuesday January 19th 2021 1
Day Two: Wednesday January 20th 2021 2
Day Three: Thursday January 21st 2021 3
Day Four: Friday January 22nd 2021 1
Day Five: Saturday January 23rd 2021 2
Day Six: Sunday January 24th 2021 1
Day Seven: Monday January 25th 2021 1
Day One: Wednesday 19th January 2022 3
Day Two: Thursday 20th January 2022 3
Day Three: Friday 21st January 2022 2
Day Four: Saturday 22nd January 2022 2
Day Five: Sunday 23rd January 2022 4
Day Six: Monday 24th January 2022 3
Day Seven: Tuesday 25th January 2022 6
Day Eight: Wednesday 26th January 2022 3
Day Nine: Thursday 27th January 2022 2
Day Ten: Friday 28th January 2022 2
Day Eleven: Saturday 29th January 2022 3
Day Twelve: Sunday 30th January 2022 3
Day Thirteen: Monday 31st January 2022 3
Day Fourteen: Tuesday February 1st 2022 1

“Keep Calm and Flutter On” premiered on Discovery/The Hub/whatever the channel is nowadays on January 19th, 2013. In honor of it’s 6th anniversary, and six years of shipping of this glorious ship that is Fluttercord, Kymiku and Miss Koi Fish Pony will be hosting a Fluttercord week starting from Saturday January 19th, 2019 to Friday January 25th, 2019.

This will be an annual special event lasting a week for the week of January 19th.

Profile Picture and banner by Kyumiku


1) All fanfiction must be within the G-PG rating.
2) You are allowed to create submissions for more than one category. You can submit for two categories, and even for all three as long as you follow the proper guidelines to how to submit for each one.
3) Follow the instructions on how to properly submit fanfiction in the instructions down below
4) You can only start submitting once Fluttercord Week starts on Saturday January 19th, 2019.
5) Fanfiction Thief is not allowed. You are allowed an editor and/or a proofread, but the writing overall must be your own.

How to Submit for Fanfiction on Fimfiction:

1) Become the member of the Fimfiction group “Fluttercord Week”:
2) Place in the description/summary in each of your stories #FluttercordWeek
3) When you complete a story and published it on Fimfiction, go to the Fluttercord Week 2019 and place the story in it’s proper folder. For example, all Day One prompt stories go under the “Day One” folder.
4) Make sure to turn in the fanfics by their assigned due date. For example, all Day One prompt stories are due by January 19th 2019.
5) You can only start submitting once Fluttercord Week has starts on Saturday January 19th, 2019.
6) You can only submit poems, short stories, and one shots. You cannot submit multiple chapter stories.
7) There is no word limit or page limit. The story just cannot have more than one chapter.

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