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I love fluttercord way too much.


Applejack makes a deal with Discord that seems both daunting and too good to be true.

And yet, the truth is the very thing the deal is about: because how can you get closer to others without letting yourself be a little vulnerable? How can one make deeper bonds with a friend through the truth?

And what if Discord wants a bond even deeper that that?

Is she worth it?

Is she...?

Written for Fluttercord Week 2022: Truth Serum

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It's the end of a chapter in the book of the Mane 6, and that's still a sad, sad thing. But perhaps, if Discord just stays with her, then Fluttershy can start a new chapter in the book of her own life.

A life with him.

Written for Day 6 of Fluttercord Week, 2022.

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Discord and the gang find themselves hiding in a broom closet in yet another dangerous mission. Discord finds himself crowded against the back wall with a terrified Fluttershy right next to him. He'd like to let her know that he'll keep her safe.

He'll have to be quiet about it, though.

Just a little blurb I whipped up last night in a random instance of inspiration, with the typical dangerous MLP-esque advienture that I don't want to make into an entire story. I'm pretty sure it's even longer than planned just so I could throw some dumb jokes in there. But if it makes you smile, then I've accomplished my mission.

Added the tag 'OC' but he's really not that important.

If you hate anything even remotely fluttercord-related, then this isn't for you.

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This story is a sequel to The Two with Good Taste

*Strongly recommended that you read the the prequel first, though not required. It will just help explain a few things.

It's been two months since Fluttershy defended her 'princess' from the crowd of mean ponies during her pet adoption event. And yet, Discord is still waiting for her to realize that they've fallen for each other. He's tried his best, but his flirting only seems to make things worse rather than better. He's growing impatient, and he doesn't know what to do.

Meanwhile, Fluttershy has grown troubled over her clashing feelings for Discord and the way he flirts with her. But when she goes on a mission to save a group of innocent souls in need, she finds herself in a troubling situation, alone and in need of help.

Sometimes, a single event is all it takes for a pony to put two and two together.

Cover by TheTalentlessPony

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A stupid crackfic parody where Discord is the Helga Pataki of Ponyville.

And yes, he does have a golden locket.

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This story is a prequel to the story The Two with Good Taste.

Princess Cadance likes to keep her palace doors open for any subjects that may want to speak with her. But on this particular day, she gets a visit from a certain Draconequus...

And sheesh, is his heart loud!

Cover by TheTalentlessPony

*warning: fluttercord.

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Fluttershy and Discord were always connected...They just haven't remembered yet.

But they will. They always will. And they'll never say goodbye.

*Beautiful coverart by someyellowpony. Go to her tumblr to see more of her amazing work!

**inspired in part by Hubert the Butterdragon and the hit song "See You Again" by Wiz Khalifa. Because the fictional comic character and the celebrity singer that will never read this deserve credit where credit is due.

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Fluttershy hears it. She hears it all the time.

Ponies always talk about Discord--they whisper about him, even when she and her friend are around them. Ugly, they say. They find him ugly! They think he's a beast!

It makes Fluttershy's heart ache. She's afraid their words are hurting Discord--that he may think he's ugly too, because of what they say.

So when she holds an event for pets in need of adoption, and the gossip starts again, can Fluttershy stand up for him?

And what in the world does Discord mean by "You'll figure it out"?!?

Cover by TheTalentlessPony

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Set directly after the Tirek incident, Fluttershy and Discord are suffering, alone and apart. Fluttershy may have forgiven him, but she feels that she has failed her friend, and longs to understand Discord. Why wasn't she good enough, why did he betray them? Why hadn't he cherished their friendship as much as she had?

Discord, on the other hand, struggles from the pain of his own guilt, and doesn't even know who he is anymore. He doesn't want to lose the closest friend he has either, but he's positive that their relationship will never be the same again. He can't stand it.

They're falling apart, and the magic of the earth isn't happy about it. Then a cloaked stranger comes into the picture, and plants a mysterious flower...

Fluttershy only utters a simple request. "I wish I could understand you, Discord..."

Little does she know that such a wish entails much more than just an understanding...and her wish is granted in the most chaotic of ways--and the only one who can help her is the very friend she is trying to understand.

Image by trehcedasil!!!! :D

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A collection of Fluttercord oneshots, all sharing a certain hair clip in common! Was originally a oneshot only, but due to request is now a collection. Just full of fluffy moments between Fluttershy and Discord, and friendshipping shan't be forgotten.

Cover by spazzymousegirl on deviantart.

Chapter Descriptions*

Nuzzle: On their way to a picnic after the Tirek escapade, Discord gives Fluttershy a gift, and in return receives affection in a puzzling way he can't describe. With the help of his friends, can he figure out what happened?

Cuddle: Fluttershy is sick, so Discord decides to take care of her. He'll get her back to health...and keep her warm.

Fly: After helping an injured bear and her cub, Fluttershy must make her way back home in the middle of a storm. Her wings too weak for the winds, she gets hurt. Who will save her? And why, oh why was she born a Pegasus if she cannot even fly? Only love can save her now.

Confess: As all of the gang enjoy each other's company after helping Applejack out at the farm, a misunderstanding happens between Discord and Fluttershy when they are caught holding tails while having a snack with their friends. They have a fight, and Discord leaves them all with a broken heart. Can Fluttershy and Discord work things out? All they have to do is fess up.

Date: After a week apart, Discord asks Fluttershy, his friend-turned-marefriend, to help him 'decorate his room'. But is that really what he's up to? Could it be...a date? But why would he lie?

Celebrate:It's been a year since Tirek's defeat. Dreams bother Discord yet again, and Fluttershy is acting suspicious around him. It becomes clear to him that she's keeping a few secrets from him, and he needs to figure out why.

*Celestia and Cadence also makes an appearance, but it won't let me add them to the character list. T_T

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