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I love fluttercord way too much.


Discord can have good behavior, even when nursing a broken heart over his best friend. It's when her heart is broken that he can't do it anymore.

It's a good thing he has a friend to help him give her space.

At least ten years of unrequited fluttercord included. This is my submission for the dialogue only contest.

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That's up to yoooooou! :D ***IMAginAAAAAtion***

If this were an episode of the show, the fandom would call for Discord's permanent stone-ification. Again.

Anyway, this was a fun tale to read! I could hear the characters talk in my head. :twilightsmile:

I read this comment as the literary expression for throwing streamers and glitter at somebody

Aw man, it's really great to see you writing still, tater. You were one of my favorite authors for a long while, so knowing you're still here after my break is fantastic!

Anyways, this was definitely a pretty cute little story. I always do enjoy Discord dialogue, and you're one of the more talented Discord writers out there.

I hope you're doing well!

The fandom would, and I do agree that for his actions he should be repremanded, or at least serve some time in a rehabilitation center.
But honestly? I'm siding with him in this instance.


my thoughts are leaking through my ears

they're still friends :fluttershbad:

I hope discord finds someone to love even if its not Fluttershy :fluttercry:

Who was the stallion?

Wow, I almost didn't notice it was dialogue only.
Two thumbs way up

I am so glad you could hear it, that's pretty much the best feedback you can get on a story that's only dialogue, so THANK YOU for helping me feel like I still got it!

Ugh. You are so right about the stoneification though. But violent fights happen in society all the time without repercussions. That kind of punishment isn't necessary here. Especially since Fluttershy was cheated on and he should have considered that would happen after Discord actually made a huge effort to support the relationship when he was hurting. Violence is never the answer but it happens and it doesn't always have to be tragic or mean they need to be thrown in jail or what have you.

That is pretty much what I was going for. :rainbowwild:

Thanks so much my friend! That means so much! Yeah. It's really hard for me to let go of an OTP so I'm always around. I'm so glad you enjoyed this and it sounds like my Discord still sounds at least somewhat authentic and that's a huge relief. Thank you so much! I'm doing well and I definitely hope you are too!

He was relatively well-behaved for an entire 10 years before doing this. This may be because of what I do for a living, but considering his history and the fact that this is all based on a kid's show and therefore vague on the punishment system, I don't think he needs any huge punishment.

But I've never physically hurt someone on purpose so honestly what do I know? I mean, they took a foal and turned her to stone and Discord didn't even get a slap on the wrist for his Grogar stunt. He should have gotten punished THEN. But this? When it includes a dear friend that was betrayed by her husband? Heck, I could see Rainbow Dash bruising up a guy like that herself and we know no one would condemn her for it. So why not Cordy after 10 years of being a better and more genuine friend?

Twilight would legitimately be okay with a pass here imo.

I kept this all open-ended for a reason, my friend. It's up to you. You don't gotta worry if you don't want to! It could even, dare I say, be reciprocated once Fluttershy heals?!? Or not! It's up to the reader!

Also I forgot I could respond to multiple reviews in one post, whoops!

Oh gosh, thank you so much! I'm so happy! :twilightsmile:

You can keep it vague or you can decide. I did it for several reasons. But since knowing the husband actually wasn't really necessary for such a short lil-project, I decided to leave it up to the reader to decide or just not care.

All that matters is that Fluttershy didn't deserve it.

I know, right? She is literally supermodel-grade! :raritystarry:

Not to mention she's the one pony in the group EVERYONE is looking out for actively. Fluttershy's angry at Discord for being violent, everypony else is mad at Discord for beating them to the punch. THEY wanted to be the first to tear that unnamed guy a new one damn-it!

99.999% sure that Fluttershy went to Twilight because she knew Twilight would be the only one of their friends to actually be mature about this and not murder the soon-to-be ex-husband as soon as she heard about this.

Also. Sassy Twilight is best Twilight :twilightsmile:.


I choose to believe that Discord enunciated those dots out loud, and Twilight just knows well enough to not question it by now.

hm.... let's run through the other 4:

Applejack: Might not physically harm him, but definitely would give him a million other things to regret on principle of betraying his wife, family is everything to an apple.

Rarity: either complete inaction or subtle but harsh retribution. She may be a hopeless romantic and dramatic to a fault, but can also hold herself to standards and act more mature depending on the situation. Again, probably no direct violence, but she has many connections that could arrange any number of punishments.

Pinkie: Huge coin flip. Pinkie would either be unpredictably tolerant and simply try to cheer up flutters, or absolutely livid if she found out. A huge part in that is whether or not he made a Pinkie promise to stay loyal to Fluttershy.

Rainbow: Absolute murder, no questions asked. She's probably pissed Discord beat her to the punch by using chaos powers, otherwise the single fastest flier in Equestria would have put Fluttershy's soon-to-be ex in traction or worse.


Starlight: Probably would use some sort of dark or questionable magic to enact judgement, only for it to snowball into a larger issue that caps off the average Tuesday in Ponyville. On second thought, she has definitely mellowed out to the point where she was an attentive student counselor and then head of an academy. Might have a mature discussion with geneighva convention-approved magic, but would be pretty judgmental because even if she grew past it she has a history with abandonment that might make her reasoning more biased.

Celestia: Wouldn't be surprised if there was a lesser-known law with a heavy sentence that covers disloyalty to an element of harmony, considering they are one of the nation's tactical assets. And if there isn't one then it wouldn't be out-of-character for one to 'show up" behind the scenes that was "recently brought to light".

Luna: That cheater won't be getting any restful sleep for a while.

CMCs: By this timeline they might be somewhere from young to full adults, but that doesn't mean they wouldn't try their hooves at "Cutie mark crusader arbiters of justice"

I appreciate your sacrificing yourself to write a fic with Fluttershy's husband getting in the way of Fluttercord. You are a true soldier.

I kind of like this snarky back and forth between Twilight and Discord, I honestly wish there was more in the show.

Maybe I should try our conversational fics like this with only dialogue sometimes.

I think Starlight might honestly be kinda straightforward in terms of her magic on... how she'd deal with that kind of thing, incidentally also with an example involving Fluttershy. Could easily end up just slamming him around, and then feel bad over how she might've gone a little too far, that she should've been better than that, because she is not someone you want getting angry.

The CMCs doing something vindictive as young adults is probably not a reassuring thought, lol, because even the show makes it clear that say, Sweetie can be vindictive under the right circumstances. Especially if they all had any sort of investment in the relationship's development, like they did for SugarMac, because I doubt feeling betrayed would make it any better on informing how they'd deal with it.

First of all, I love all the work you put into this just based on what if it was one of the others instead of Discord. I salute you and agree with pretty much all of it. The CMC is an interesting bonus you put in there. Why do I feel like they would have a long argument on what exactly to do about it? They really are wildcards. But I don't see them being violent. More... sneaky. Like trapping him somewhere far off from Ponyville after digging a ditch and covering it with leaves and trapping the top with bamboo bars.

Sassy Twilight is absolutely best Twilight. ESPECIALLY with Discord.

Oh my goodness, I LOVE that idea.

Thanks, Cap'n. I knew I was puttin' myself in the line of fire, but I do enjoy me some angst every now and again. I'm kinda surprised that no one has come to take me down yet, knock on wood.

And AGREED. I really, really, REALLY wish they had stopped making Discord go 'whoops' in a big-scale way and instead saw more scenes of him genuinely bonding with the others. I honestly love all of the possible friendships I see with Discord and the Mane 6, but Twicord is one of my favorite friendships in my imagination because all I see when I think of it is two brainy scholars constantly messing with each other in good fun.

I could definitely see Starlight being more straightforward and just slamming the guy against the walls until he was a pony meatloaf and feeling bad about it, and obsessing whether she got close to going off the deep end again, until somepony snaps her out of it. As for the CMC, ohohoho, they would SO do something about it if they had a part in their getting together. Ohhhhhhh man.


Yah, by then starlight is a bit more adjusted, ill edit in a more appropriate prediction.

One of the reasons I considered the CMCs is because they probably hold Flutters in high regard for saving them from a basilisk.

Definitely, Justice doesn't need to be direct or violent, just applied in the proper amounts, honestly I just couldn't come up with a better name than "CMC arbiters of justice"

Good to see that some of my favorite writers is still at it.

I don't know how to get a GIFS on here with ny phone because I'm in that weird age where I'm young but I'm old, but if I did, it'd be the one of Goofy going "Oh gawrsh" while holding his muzzle and twisting his ear like hair all flattered and bashful-like. That's on-point for how these comments like yours make me feel. Thank you! ♡

Not a fan of Fluttercord, but I liked this. This is about the best kind of thing I can imagine within the confines of this contest. The dialogue flowed pretty well, and the little context that was needed to understand it was already provided in the description. Well done.


I'm not so sure about that that. Lot of fans might have actually rooted for Discord in this case. "No one hurts Fluttershy" etc etc.

Well, then I'm double flattered since you read it anyway despite Discord's feelings for her. And gosh, wow, thank you! I'm so glad the story was clear. Dialogue is my favorite part and I humbly believe it's my strength while I need to improve with everything else. So of course I had to try this contest and see if I could really make my strength keep the entire story afloat. It seems by your measure that I was able to do so and that makes me so joyful. Thank you for making my morning!

Dialogue is indeed the most-fun-to-write part of stories. I occasionally found myself writing way too much of it at the expense of narration. I guess because it makes characterization easier, and makes for great "show, don't tell".

:twilightoops: Wut???
:flutterrage: Discord didn't go far enough!
:moustache: He went as far as the lint screen in Raritys dryer
:duck: He could of gone missing like last weeks socks
:fluttershysad: Discord? I want Annarchy Shy of Chaos
:facehoof: Now my kingdom is in danger
:rainbowhuh: Only if her foal doesn't get her chocolate milk
:pinkiegasp: Hybrid foals it is! :twilightsheepish: you get a foal :raritywink: you get a foal:ajsmug: you get a foal
:pinkiehappy: Everypony gets a foal!

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