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I love fluttercord way too much.


A stupid crackfic parody where Discord is the Helga Pataki of Ponyville.

And yes, he does have a golden locket.

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Ahahaha this was fun! Helga is a tsundere just like Discord so this works, even if it is a crack fic!

“Your beard…” she said again. “I like it, because it’s white and fluffy.” She gave him another smile before walking through the door. “Your eyebrows, too.”

Oh dear lord, I think my heart just melted imagining little filly Fluttershy saying that to Discord.

Gosh, I miss the days where Nickelodeon actually had more than just Spongebob Squarepants and not a bunch of live-action crap...

I'll go one further. I'm old enough to miss the days when Nickelodeon had Ren and Stimpy on it! :unsuresweetie:

Oh my goshXD! Just oh my sweet CelestiaXD!
My dear, to me, this is not a super ridiculous crackfic but rather a super well done parody fic:raritystarry::ajsmug: I mean, the amount of detail to Hey Arnold is sooo impressive in this and the way you blended it with MLP was pretty impressive:twilightsmile: Even though it went a little wrong having Discord push Fluttershy around and it felt a little off having him talk like Helga, Discord and Helga do have a lot in common. Especially when they jealous and their romantic secret love for their sweetie heart crushes:3 <3 Not to mention that was funny to have Discord talk like Helga as well:) It would have been interesting if you had the cast as teenagers rather than adults, I can imagine more of teenage Discord talking like HelgaXD My favorite part was when kiddie Dissy met filly Fluttershy and she complimented him on his beard and then at the end, older Fluttershy thanks him for keeping the beard and just the overall fact that he kept the beard for her!!!:D XD I can imagine little Dissy, just like in the kindergarten flashback, holding a paper heart cut out with filly Fluttershy's picture on it and say "I love you Fluttershy and I wanna marry you." The casting for this was just too perfect and too hilarious! The only crackfic about this is SombraxTreehugger(aka Treebra;)) At first, I thought the ponytone guy would play Lala in this story, big mistake on my part0-o. This story is not only filled with good humor, but also alot of heart and warmth. I would love a sequel to this story or another separate MLP Hey Arnold with this same cast. If you're not writing a sequel, can I write it?!:D

LOVE IT LOVE IT! :pinkiehappy: :heart: Discord and Helga, so alike! I agree with Missy, please make a sequel! And I know what it should be about! Are you aware of the Hey Arnold episode: School Play? It's where the kids perform Romeo and Juilet where Arnold plays Romeo and Helga plays Juilet and during the play they share a kiss! :raritystarry: Great parody of one of my favorite childhood shows to my favorite recent show!

If Discord is like Helga, then I can imagine Flutters and RD like Arnold and Gerald.

That cover art is life.

Ahh, the nostalgia. My Nick childhood was basically this, Rugrats, and Catdog. I got little flashbacks of random things I remember.

Even if this was kinda cracky, it was still good! Like, you still took it seriously and worked hard on the writing. This didn't feel or read as something too crack-fic like (and we've all read our share of those, I'm sure), though it certainly was dumb--in the good way, of course. I was laughing my butt off.

I imagined that little scene with them as kids meeting (I loved that episode so much!), and I'm going to cry from all the cute.

this sort of thing makes me feel old in a good way.

Gosh, I miss the days where Nickelodeon actually had more than just Spongebob Squarepants and not a bunch of live-action crap...

Totally agree. I've been trying to get a series sequel/spin-off to Danny Phantom, but... I have no contacts in the business

Loved this! It really worked well. Birdbrain=Football Head which is awesome.
And to Wooley, "what rolls down stairs, alone or in pairs?"


Rolls over your neighbour's dog?

Is great for a snack and fits in your back?

THAT WAS ADORABLE! I LOVE "HEY ARNOLD!" Just one note, sometimes you referred to Toe Tapper as "Noteworthy." Well, they do look similar color-wise, but you should fix that.

6657183 Fixed! Thank you for telling me. I actually kept getting the two confused with each other because they are the same color scheme with music-centered cutie marks. I changed the name 3 times before finally getting them straight in my head, but by that time I had changed it so many times that my brain refused to do any more proofreading and I posted it with the hopes that I had the name correct, and if it didn't I hoped a reader would tell me. So thank you kindly, DF!

6649295 My heart melts when I think about little Fluttershy telling little Discord that she likes his beard, too. It's precious in Hey Arnold, so of course I just HAD to write a Discorded version, in a manner of speaking. So then I borrowed from Jim Carrey'S Grinch and making it about the beard. Anyways I'm so glad you liked this. I wasn't sure if you had watched it or not so I was hoping so.

6650429 I'm sorry for the loss of your buttocks, but I'm so glad you laughed at its stupidity, but still saw that I put effort into it. Even my crackfics must be of good quality, with some sort of "aww" factor to it. And yes, the cover art is, indeed, life. If anyone wonders what the meaning of life is, they just need to look at my attempt of faux photoshopping. Enlightenment guaranteed.

6649955 What a great review, thank you! Though it was a crackfic, I still tried to make it as cute and meaningful as I could, and tried not to sacrifice the characters' traits too much, and I thought Discord and Helga were a great match. I could see those two yakking it up SO easily. And writing him as if he were Helga during her little private confessions of love in the alleyway, locket in hand...that was too much fun.
I agree that Discord's family in this is the most crack-like part to this whole thing. But I thought Tree Hugger would make the most sense as Helga's mom. (Though since Treesy is an mlp character, I don't like to think of her as a drug user. She's just a free spirit. But since this was a crackfic then I let myself insinuate it here.) I picked Sombra for Bob because Bob is a jerk (he had his moments but was mostly a jerk) and I thought Sombra's Crystal Emporium sounded as hokey as Big Bob's Beeper Emporium.
And since Discord is a bunch of different creatures, I thought Iron Will would make sense to have as Discord's brother. And since Olga was supposed to be "perfect" and Will is good at lifting weights and is confident, then I figured it worked.

I just read this, and I want to say this was beautiful!!! AMAZING!!! HOPE TO SEE MORE OF THIS!!! FLUTTERCORD FOREVER!!!

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