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I love fluttercord way too much.


This story is a prequel to the story The Two with Good Taste.

Princess Cadance likes to keep her palace doors open for any subjects that may want to speak with her. But on this particular day, she gets a visit from a certain Draconequus...

And sheesh, is his heart loud!

Cover by TheTalentlessPony

*warning: fluttercord.

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I sensed worry in one of your blogposts about this. That was silly. This was just as good as Good Taste. I thoroughly enjoyed it, your Discord is great as always and I really like your Cadence. Great fun and they play off each other very well. And as always, I commend you on keeping Discord silly and making him constantly do weird little things.

Also, his angst and the way he reacts to it is a hundred times better than what I often see in other fics. It seems very, very in character for him to keep up the silliness, the camp mannerisms and everything else and that he would only get more extreme when he's pressed. Even when he blows up he seems in character, which is rare. Often, when people write Discord getting angry, they lose track of his voice. You don't.

Also, really cute.

The few criticisms I have:

Personally not a fan of the "spurned affections turned me evil" interpretation of Discord. I have always found it makes it harder to sympathize with him, not to mention makes romantic entanglements seriously inadvisable. I have always preferred the "never really learned to care about others before reformation". That is more of a maturation thing and I have an easier time forgiving when I go with the "childish god learns to care" than "childish god cared, got spurned, went evil, then learned to care again". But that is a personal preference.

Specific nitpick:
"Discord was a huge nerd of chaos, nutty and silly, but resistant in showing others how powerful his own feelings truly were." First, the word "nerd" seems slightly off. Luckily, the solution is in a different place in the fic: "and call him a precious little lovestruck dork while holding him against her chest." Yes, that's better. Somehow, at least in my mind, it has just enough difference in connotation for dork to be better than nerd. I think dork would have been better instead of Cadence calling him nerd earlier. Second, "resistant" is slightly off. You are resistant to something, that means you can handle it, that you don't get overwhelmed or really affected by it. What you mean here is "hesitant" or "reluctant", because it isn't something he is, it is a way he acts. You can, for example, be resistant to damage or heartbreak. But you are reluctant or hesitant when you hold back to avoid risking damage or heartbreak. I hope that makes sense.

I was going to complain about the Powerpuff Girls reference, but then I realized that, with the main six often just calling to everyone with "girls" it could be argued that a group with such a name, be if fictional or "real" and maybe something entirely different from what we know, could exist. So I can live with it. You barely skirted around breaking the fourth wall, so well done. I hate the overreliance on breaking the fourth wall as a substitute for humor, so you get a pass for it being worked in properly.

Well done on the whole. I really liked this.

Happy writing.

So I know most of you probably wanted a sequel to The Two with Good Taste rather than a sequel,

A sequel rather than a sequel? The second one should be prequel methinks. Have a fav and an upvote.

You are one of the sole authors who can endear me to Fluttercord. I already knew you would be successful in that respect before I started reading. What I didn't expect, though, was to end up liking Princes Cadence as well. The introduction paragraphs were golden. :heart: Upvoted and favorited~

I like the transition to frequent rather than straight to a sequel quite honestly.

For one thing it provides a you better flow and give the reader insight as to Discord's manner in the story and how he himself came to fall for Fluttershy or learn that he had.

I also agree with Frazzled Pony, that the gimmicks suit discord rather well and are enjoyable! I love and patiently await the sequel to the first. Well done!

This makes perfect chaos.


*falls off chair* Dying... of... cuteness.... fluttercord fluff...:rainbowkiss::twilightsmile:

Tater, after a long day of dealing with extraneous school work, I love having some (implied) Fluttercord stories to read afterward. This little addition to the other story did wonders, especially since we get to see the other side of this little story.

I kind of want to see how he figured it out and how he reacted, but it's great as it is. I also would've like to know what the time line is between the two stories. It isn't even significant, I'm just curious.

I do agree with Frazzled that the concept of him essentially getting rejected made him go evil is an old trope. Because I don't think it quite fits with Discord. Discord usually masks how he feels, even if it's not too successful all the time. And when he turned Equestria into his own little chaos village, he went all out and showed no mercy. So for his reasoning to be chalked down to "a girl rejected me" (which is probably simplifying it, but I digress) just feels out of place in this situation. If it's only part of it, and is part of a much bigger story, then that's fine.

I'm glad I didn't feel bored. Nothing much happened, besides lots of talking, yet in the course of 8k words, I didn't feel that it dragged on. I suppose Discord being, well, Discord helps with that. ;)

I apparently needed Cadence and Discord interaction in my life. To be honest, I never really liked Cadence. Not even anything against her, I just think she doesn't really have anything interesting to her character. But seeing her taking Discord's bullshit and drama like she did, I got to give her props. Also, I love her being able to read hearts and how they react, so she knows how they feel about a lot of things. It adds a hint of a romantic lover to Cadence that I'd love to see on the show. So making her likable, thankfully, helped the story, since we're in her perspective.

Great as always!

Ok I will admit I also wanted a sequel more...until I read this. You little adorable genius you. This was wonderful. I know someone is nailing Discord when I hear John D's voice in my head while reading, and you achieved that. The glass of water, jealous Shining....so much fabulous banter. Just kudos to you. You do you.

This is such a cute story of Discord and Cadence interacting with each other. Wonderful job. :twilightsmile:

Looks like my headcanon wrong folks, it turns out that Cadence ships Fluttercord more than Celestia doesXD! Oh man, Cadence ships them like Fed-Ex XD! Haha lol thank you amazing writer!;) Alright, time to get serious:coolphoto: As many of the reviews already stated, this prequel is just as wonderful as the first story:heart: I loved loved loved the interaction between Discord and Cadence, not only were they in characters but also their interaction was entertaining yet interesting. They have a funny, quirky, mischevious yet endearing yet engaging dynamic and friendship:pinkiehappy: Oh man, the jokes were just endless in this fic:rainbowlaugh: From the glass of water joke to Powerpuff girls, I kept chuckling through the entire thing:twilightsheepish: I loved how this story was told through Cadence's perspective, and through this approach, we not only get great insight on how love magic works but also insight into her character. Her ability to see into hearts isn't always rainbows and cupcakes, it's like having the power to read someone's mind, it's hard to turn off this power and it takes willpower to ignore it and keep it to yourself. Just for the sake of others. I love the concept of Cadence having struggles and limits, suggesting that she was like Twilight when she first became princess. In all honesty, if the writers were smart, they would read fanfics like this and turn this one into an actual episode because this could actually be a legit episode!:twilightoops: Think about it: the writers are worried that if they made Discord lovey dovey when he realizes that he's in love with Fluttershy, they could lose their Brony fanbase (except for our Fluttercord shippers). So, it would make sense for them to be subtle and tackle this matter from a different perspective and a different angle so that way they don't have to focus on Discord's feelings too much. And what better perspective than the Princess of Love herself?!:yay: That way, they are answering the complaints of bronies by giving Cadence character development and fun interactions with other characters. I can see bronies outside of Fluttercord shippers like an episode like this. Of course, your story would have to be expanded alittle on certain parts while other parts are taken out for episode format. I can imagine Natsha Levinger (the writer for Make New Friends but Keep Discord) take on this story and roll with it:derpytongue2::heart: After all, her twitter hints at her knowing the existence of Bride of Discord (aka she has seen the audio drama and possibly read the story) and Make New Friends but Keep Discord was just a straight up Fluttercord episode. Let's face it, she ships it like Fed Ex;) If not out Hasbro writers, c'mon Friends Forever Comic writers! Get on this story now! I know that some of our comic writers ship Fluttercord:0! Anywho, great job on the story hun:raritywink:

I really liked this. I think you got the flippancy and hesitancy of Discord's character down pretty well. His dialogue is always really hard to write due to his chaotic nature, and when you add in additional hesitancy to the mix, I've got to admit that you did a really good job. Keep up the good work!

a cartoonish version of his head

with cartoony ornaments

That makes double the cartoonishness, m'lady! Double the cartoonishness! Twice, m'lady! Twice!
Awesome! Not much to say here. It fits in with its sequel, the characterisation is great, the writing is beautiful and the storyline is credible and humorous!
Dialogue was a bit dragged out, but thoroughly entertaining. Tater, you did good with this 'un!:pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by MissytheAngle deleted Nov 12th, 2015
Comment posted by MissytheAngle deleted Nov 12th, 2015

6627454 Ooh, I simply misread your comment. I saw this

The other totally is and I've just seen it done one time too many

And thought that was about the premise. Geez, I'm so sorry about that. Next time I won't be commenting as soon as I get out of bed. I'm so embarassed and so sorry to both you and Tater. How stupid of me... I just deleted my pointless arguement.

I love it! It's absolutely adorable.:heart:

This, and its pre-sequel, are both adorable. And the characterizations are spot-on. :twilightsmile:

Tater, I love you so much :fluttercry:

Well, this was cute and heartwarming in all the right ways, wasn't it?

Helps that it was excellently written as well.

“But it’s not really something you can plan or develop a strategy for. You just have to let it happen naturally and...well...be a little patient.”

Now that is a lie. I know for a fact that all of my closest female relatives got together to plan ways how to get their specific love interests to fall for them. They had whole war sessions about it.

“So you’re going to wait like a good gentlecolt so you can win her heart?”

But what I don't hate is this story. Keep up the good work and the fluff.

Ah but did they work and create healthy and successful relationships?

Since two out of three that I know happened got married after years of stable relationships... Yeah, kinda. And the last one just hasn't yet.

Great story!

I love the idea of Cadance being tight friends with Discord like this. It makes sense to me that since she probably wasn't born when he was really evil that she is able to know the post reform him and get along with none of the bitter past attachments like Celestia and Luna.

Awesome PPG reference, very great story, bib fan of this pairing. It's rough since Discord is a god and Fluttershy is mortal but honestly I love it.

Are you sure it's not The Two Who Knew?
Regardless, good job. :twilightsmile:

“She’s plenty sparkly!” Shining immediately said, before realizing that the two of them were laughing and he was just being teased. “I mean, um…” He blushed a little. “Whatever…”

I couldn't stop laughing at how Shining said that :rainbowlaugh:

You may need to read the book "Searching for Dragons" by Patricia Wrede. One of her characters can sense and feel magic like Cadance senses love. He can't see the magic, but he can feel the patterns it makes.

Normally, I’m not a big fan of Fluttercord. However, I really must admit that this was a really fun read. I couldn’t help but think to myself ‘This is how a Fluttercord fanfic should be done!’.

Everyone was in character, and I loved the banter between Cadence and Discord. I also admired how well-written and visual this story was, as well as the humorous moments, despite a comedy tag not being there.

Overall, I deeply enjoyed this story, especially in contrast to a great many other Fluttercord fanfics, which were less than satisfying and not very well-worked compared to the one you made.

Can’t wait to read the sequels soon.

This is the only edit that I would recommend doing:

She nodded. “Good. Now get on outta here,” she laughed. “You have work to do.” He gave her a toothy grin. “Right-O! Off I go then! Toodle-loo, you crazy lovebirds, you!” Doves popped out of his palms and flew around them as he walked towards the castle gates.

Change it to this:

She nodded. “Good. Now get on outta here,” she laughed. “You have work to do.”

He gave her a toothy grin. “Right-O! Off I go then! Toodle-loo, you crazy lovebirds, you!”

Doves popped out of his palms and flew around them as he walked towards the castle gates.

I've read this story many times. This series is one I like to come back to every so often, because it's fluffy and sweet and light, and it makes me happy to read it. :heart:

Discord's voice really shines through in this story. I can easily picture him saying and doing everything you describe here. And the interactions between him and Cadence are very nice.

The little Fluttercord elements we get are excellent...from Discord's cocky confidence in his feelings to the small seed of love that Fluttershy is just starting to feel. Their brief interaction when Cadence was reading Fluttershy's heart was very sweet to read.

And finally...

Cadance had to keep herself from cooing at how cute his affection for her was. She wanted to wrap her hooves around his skinny neck and call him a precious little lovestruck dork while holding him against her chest.

Don't we all. :rainbowkiss: :rainbowlaugh:

I got have review!

Thank you! I'm so pleased you heard his voice in the banter and appreciated how I treated Cadence!

Now one day I'll need to go back and see if I can't fix some of the more confusion with the sequencing and confusing lines. Thanks for pointing out the discrepancies.

*sigh* I should publish again one day....

Thank you GeekCat! This one was fun because it was fluttercord, but it was more from Cadance's POV. Their limited canon interactions were so interesting that I had to expand on them!

I know. Lovestruck Cordy is just so cute and dumb! It was fun to explore his own feelings by admitting to them but attempting to make it focus more on how she feels about him... so that his don't seem so sappy.


Good point. I took out the "implied" in the summary. Whoops.

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