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Discord and Fluttershy return from their honeymoon, enjoy a quiet afternoon in loving embrace and plan their future.
And then their future happens.

Just a short something I wanted to write to celebrate having 100 likes for my fic Intimacy
Sex tag is used because the subject gets brought up.

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can't wait to see what happens next:pinkiesmile:


awwww lovely story.

I can't wait for the next chapter to come out

This was precious because the daughter of his mind--which probably pained him because he wanted her to be real--is now actually real. I could see how that would bring even the Lord of Chaos to tears.

And I think that, if Discord had told Fluttershy about this imaginary daughter and what he had named her, then it would make sense for Fluttershy to agree on that name. Because otherwise, I feel like Fluttershy would feel that was a mean name and would feel bad about it. But here it's got symbolism...

Beautiful writing, my friend.

“There’s a good chance that you got some of my power little one; and that means that Princess Celestia might insist on enrolling you into her school for gifted Unicorns to keep two or three eyes on you.”
Discord softly rocked the infant as he went on.
“You are going to have so much fun and give her so many grey hairs.”

Oh, yes please!

i wish there was a sequel to this i want to see if there are more children.

This was brilliant and well written. Great premise and great execution. One question, did anyone else find the phantom screwball a tad creepy?

I'm a bit confused... who is screwball's sister?

Screwloose, go read the sequel

Loved this one <3 great work!!

Ugh god, it's so cute. Like, Fluttershy is my favorite out of the six, in fact I'd go as far to say I actually am in love her. And seeing her find happiness in any form just happily tears me up. Especially with Fluttercord, this ship seems so believable and sweet.
Really, really cute. Loved it! :heart:

I enjoyed reading this. One of your non-clop works. I think it captures the emotions perfectly.:twilightsmile:

he saw that somepony with the name Screwball had claimed the spot and concluded that everything he knew about the universe was wrong.

had to get spare keyboard out as laughed outloud spraying old one with cup of tea I was drinking! hillarious last line, can just imagin Discord's Discombobulated and wtf face here!!!


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