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Swear an Oath to Order!

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I"m not getting into this Mykan. Especially on someone else's profile.


That's no excuse for your behavior in constantly riffing me, insulting me, making up wild tales, and questioning my differences. (If you don't like the fic, FINE... but don't take it to such extremes)

and one more thing... in regards to your AMENDING HEARTH'S WARMING RIFF.

Pony legs cannot be amputated

Responding to your comment on My Brave Pony Season VIII here because the original author blocked me.

What the hell happened that warrants all this hate? The story is not bad. A lot of work went into the story, I can tell. Am I missing something?

Because it's built on hate and rage towards MLP. He frequently bashes the characters and puts them through torture because it's fun to him. He's frequently written fics that are devoted to nothing but hurting the characters and even killing them.

Welcome to Fim Fiction. :twilightsheepish:

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