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I make fanfiction sometimes. Just call me 'Talentless'.


(alternate ending of 28 Pranks Later; technically a(n unofficial) sequel to Let's Talk)

At the time, it seemed like a great idea; seemed like the perfect way to teach Rainbow Dash a lesson. With a racing heart and rising guilt, surely she would up and learn her lesson. It's a totally understandable situation, isn't it?

But when things go south, maybe it'd be better to lie and say nothing at all. Still, what happens when Rainbow finds out?

Featured on 6/11/17 for some reason; honestly don't know why.

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Being a Princess is exhausting. Royally exhausting. Everyday, it feels like Twilight wanted nothing more than to get away from the world.

Not like doing so was hard. In fact, she made visits to the human world whenever she could to visit her boyfriend of a few years, Flash Sentry; he was one of the few things that kept her sane.

Yet, deep down, she knows it can't go on forever. Can she really break both of their hearts for the sake of her status as a princess?

Contains Flashlight shipping, meaning sappy romantic dorks. You've been warned.

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Pinkie Pie was bizarre. She talked about many things that ponies didn't understand. She teleported from place to place. She even spoke of strange creatures who watch her recorded moves and write stories about her!

But today, Pinkie Pie was not bizarre. She was sad, and she lets the only other person available know why.

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(takes place after the Season Six finale, To Where and Back Again)

Fluttershy liked company.

Well, most of the time... some of the time... it depends.

A cup of tea and a few cookies here and there weren't anything new to her, but someone sleeping over? That was out of her normal range.

Now, how about them sleeping over consistently, without ever leaving? That was weird.

Images of the Breezies surfacing in her mind, she realizes that she'll have to tell her company to go home.

But this wasn't like the Breezies.

This was Discord.

Featured on 2/8/17 - 2/9/17

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Discord welcomes all sorts of chaos. He relishes it, in fact. It's almost his favorite thing in the whole world!

Almost. He loves Fluttershy much more, even if he hasn't quite found the words to say it yet.

Though, when Fluttershy and chaos combine, he's not sure what to think.

just something dumb I wrote that came from a single idea; not really my usual fare

FEATURED ON 2/2/17-2/4/17 ARE YOU FOR REAL??????

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Discord was never one to notice small things, at least if it didn't involve him (or if it was something he couldn't use to tease somepony else about), but when it came to Fluttershy, he noticed even the slightest details.

So, one night, he takes an unusual interest in the contents of Fluttershy's fridge; or rather, the lack of a specific content. It seems like nothing, but when Fluttershy stutters upon answering, he feels like he's discovered something good, and he won't give in until he finds out.

Featured 1/27/17 - 1/31/17

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(takes place immediately after Make New Friends, But Keep Discord)

Fluttershy returns from the Grand Galloping Gala with Discord at her side. Emotions peaked, she starts reflecting on the events, realizing that maybe she did things too. Was Discord really the only one who did something wrong?

They start to talk, and Discord eventually proceeds to ask an extraordinarily odd question that Fluttershy didn't expect to hear.

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(takes place soon after the ending of Newbie Dash)

It's not often that Rainbow Dash allows herself to show emotion. She's Rainbow Dash, after all; she keeps her feelings inside so not to look weak to others.

But Soarin is kept up at night, finding himself irked. Why does he find himself so irritated with his own existence, and why does he keep thinking about her? What's this feeling of guilt?

One thing's for sure though; he's going to find out.

"Rainbow Dash... what happened?"

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This story is a sequel to More Than Trust

After the happenings of More Than Trust, Discord must learn to deal with his new state and manage his relationship with Fluttershy. The latter is easy, but the former is something that he hadn't even thought about handling. It's rough, but that's okay. Fluttershy's there to help him.

She's always there.

However, no amount of comfort from Fluttershy has been able to quell it. It feels familiar, but it's a stranger to him.

Is it right to hide it from his love, or could she be hurt in the process of keeping such a secret?

A DiscordXFluttershy ( DiscoShy / FlutterCord ) fanfiction sequel.

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Weeks have past since Tirek had been defeated. Life in Ponyville is back to normality, and Discord couldn't be happier, especially given the fact that all of his friends had forgiven his betrayal.

However, lately he's noticed that Fluttershy doesn't act like herself. She's constantly tired, a bit moody, and overall just not-Fluttershy. She claims to be fine, but Discord is done hearing that excuse.

And he will find out what's wrong. He has to...

.:Couple Portrayed:.
DiscordXFluttershy ( DiscoShy / FlutterCord )

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