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I am the Lonely Swordsman, Pyriel. Call me what you may. It isn't like I can do anything about it.

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It awaits my fall into despair. Waiting for a brief glimpse of vulnerability before it strikes. I've grown both wary and weary, but my toils to abide with its constant threat looming has unnerved me. I attempt to remain stoic and unresponsive to its coos, but venom seeps from it into my actions. I fear it may one day take me. So, with that case said, I know my only decision left to me is enjoy life and my partners in this world the best I can. For, is that not the thing all of us try to do in our daily stryfes?


Big and little treats alike

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Tick Tock Goes The Clock

Tick Tock, Goes the clock, and what then shall we play?
Tick Tock, Goes the clock, now summer's gone away?

Tick Tock, Goes the clock, and what then shall we see?
Tick Tock, Until the day that thou shalt marry me.

Tick Tock, Goes the clock, and all the years they fly.
Tick Tock, And all too soon, you and I must die.

Tick Tock, Goes the clock, We laughed at fate and mourned her.
Tick Tock, Goes the clock, even for the Doctor.

Tick Tock, Goes the clock, he cradled and he rocked her.
Tick Tock, Goes the clock, 'Til River kills the Doctor.

Doctor, Brave and good, He turned away from violence,
When he understood the falling of the Silence.

Tick Tock, Goes the clock, He gave all he could give her.
Tick Tock, Goes the clock, Now prison waits for River.

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You're still alive, right?
~ Wywint

What's been happening, mate?

1304789 Oh, okay... :rainbowhuh:
Would you mind commenting on the story? or is that not what you meant? :rainbowhuh:

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Alicornium spell!

Found it:
From one to another, another to one. A mark of one's destiny singled out alone, fulfilled.
From all of us together, together we are friends. With the marks of our destinies made one, there is magic without end