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This is the Shadow Walker Verse, where stories involving the shadow walker race exists. For those who don't know what a shadow walker is, I shall elaborate. A shadow walker, is a pony like creature wit slit irises, is as diverse in species as the ponies, and has the power to control, manipulate, and travel through shadows. The earth shadow walkers are like earth ponies, the Pegasus shadow walker's are similar to a bat pony, but they too can control shadows. And the unicorn shadow walkers, have a pair of horns instead of one that curve back. They are capable of using both regular and shadow magic. The original shadow walker that brought up this idea was my first OC, Nightshade. If you wish to create your own story involving a shadow walker and my OC, feel free to do so. This was just an idea I thought would be interesting. If you have anymore questions about this, feel free to PM me.

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