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Twilight still isn't used to taking care of her new wings, despite being able to fly with them just fine. When a loose feather starts to bug her on one of their date nights, Princess Celestia decides to help her out. Not without a little naughtiness, of course.


That image is too perfect. You gotta understand!

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*cough cough* first like *cough* :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Ohh! :duck:interesting idea for a classic Twilestia short so far being that it only makes sense she would have difficulty learning the art of preening.:heart::raritywink: It is still something fairly new to her, and most certainly puts a unique new style on season 4 Twilight. :twilightsmile:

This is really good!

This was too fucking adorable! I loved it! X3

I want to read this now, but I've just thought of a Fic idea and I need to write it now.

If I can get the iPad back today I will read this as soon as I'm done with reading a Fic where a dude woke. Up one morning to find he'd somehow turned into rainbow dash:twilightsheepish:

Comment posted by Akiba deleted Apr 20th, 2014


well shit, i had an idea just like this......
had a custom cover art and all.....
oh well, ill prob still do it.

Very well written.


This was an alright one-shot of Twilestia. It should've been a bit longer but the chemistry between Celestia and Twilight were very good. :raritywink:

Hey congrats on your featured buddy!:pinkiehappy: (turn off the mature filter and you'll see what I'm taking about.)

My heart burst inside my chest like a water balloon! I loved every second of it.:twilightblush:


And thank you for asking us first :twilightsmile:

Very cute indeed.

Cute little story, but there could have been more cuddles at the end. Nonetheless, this was a good read.

Absolutely adorable.

Warm And Fuzzy Feelings FTW!

Aww, that was so cute! :twilightsmile:

A story about preening? Yay. :rainbowkiss:

OOC dialogue? Boo. :fluttershyouch:


What is it with you bronies and Twilestia? It is a doomed ship! it doesn't even make sense; why would an immortal God go after some cheap floozy? I respect Celestia, but Twilight is a horrible character. I have said this so many times - when will you people learn?

4269345 Aw, love you too, cookie. :heart:


Well there are a couple of reasons and you can feel free to counter these points:

1) Being Immortal the only contenders with her life span would be Luna [incest, and most entities don't consider incest wincest when it's there own family members], or Dragons [who are malicous, violent, greed hungry monsters in Equus and would either try eating her or robbing her nation blind to become some super-Dragon overlord]. Of course you have Discord, but they have some rather dirty, violent, and rather tainted history that'd put a damper on romance.

2) Since her choices of immortals are gone down the toilet. She'd have to go to mortals from time to time. Now since this is "modern" times rather than the past there are some further points to take into account.

2a) Anyone she dates becomes a probable political target. Both from Nobles who'd ingrain themselves to that mate to get things they want. Or threats who'd target her mate to get to her. So she'd pick someone smart [to see through BS] and magically powerful [able to protect themselves]. Something Twilight's done in spades.

2b) Being with Twilight for years they know and trust one another. Rather well, a good thing to have in a relationship.

2c.1) While this is a Twilicorn fic, in mortal ones. There is enough history, build up of emotions, and personal connection to allow their friendship to evolve into something more.

2c.2) As an Alicorn. She has a probablility of being immortal. Thus meaning that Tia now has a chance to have a relationship that'd last more than a few decades. So there's that.

So there you have it. It works similarly to any ship / relationship. And while the immortal X mortal ones are doomed for heart break. It's a risk that any immortal would take. Especially when you have such a poor immortal dating pool to begin with.


More adorable than a bucket of ninja, kung fu kittens.

How ironic. I've seen 3 stories with the same picture and none of them were clopfics... well, that's good to know.

Does preening really warrant a sex tag? I'd parallel it to a human giving a back massage or nibbling another's ear, which doesn't seem all that sexual unless you get more descriptive. I dunno, I'm probably being to nitpicky. I'd say it's a nice fluff fic though, nice and cute. :pinkiesmile:


That means that I won this debate lol.


That's okay, I read it for you.

I won't bore you with the details, but basically you agree with TheGreatEater's argument and retract your previous statement.


Let's add some music to that GIF! :pinkiehappy:

And while I'm at it, I'll give you more DRL videos :derpytongue2:

4269345 When will people learn to absorb facts and understand opinions instead of trying to shove their opinions down other people's throats? Yes, I agree with you that Twilestia is an odd paring but you don't need to act like your opinion is the only one that matters and try to correct people for thinking differently. Personally, I don't think any of the shippings fit. Dislestia being the most out of place due to Celestia seeming rather angry when Discord broke free.

4274882 You act like humanity is worthy of having opinions. They ruined that shit when they decided to be of the opinion that its fine to kill people who look different from themselves or pray to a different invisible man than them. People don't deserve to have opinions.

4275599 I didn't mean it that literally bro. Get real.

4275726 I'm the realest 8 year old you will ever meet good sir.

4275791 A true man's only real when he knows it. Spreading it around like its some fad will only make people think less of you.

4275858 I'm not a man though I'm 8, my balls haven't even dropped yet.

4275896 That doesn't mean you can't start.

4275898 Start being a man at 8? Why in gods name would I want to do that? A man has to worry about work and bills and getting a decent mortgage so he can use the money he's not getting fucked on to provide for his shit wife and ungrateful kids. I'm gonna be a kid for as long as I can buddy.

4275950 I'm talking about your inner bad ass, man. Everyone has one. You have one. He has one. That creepy old fuck down the street has one. You just gotta do it right. Know what I'm saying?

4276224 I'm 8 I have no idea what your talking about if it doesn't involve Saturday morning cartoons and sugary cereal.

4276290 I figured you wouldn't. Then again, I smoke a shit ton of weed before coming on here.

4259964 Your name matches the comment you made incredibly well...

4276402 Weed is for pussies real men drink whiskey and eat pretzels.

4276425 I don't get the whole disliking the first comment thing - I'm proud to like and support my friends' stories. Some people just get butthurt about everything I guess :moustache:

Suddenly, the reader suffered a fatal heart attack

Saw this, got high, read it. It is an adorable story and the feelings the characters display are riveting. Then I read through the comments, because people always post hillarious gifs.

Awesome story. Have a Spike 'stache: :moustache:

stupidly cute but i have a problem with all these cute twilestia storys coming out lately.
fuck celestia,shes a damned tyrant and all you fuckers are starting to make me actually like this pairing.
it will never be within a mile of as awesome as twiluna but for some unkown reason all the daaawww worthy diabeetus twiluna storys have been replaced by twilestia.
love the story but im going to hide in my custodial closet at this school and weep for my lost twiluna.

4276547 I don't mind your comment, I just found it insanely funny because of the general reaction, and the fact that your profile name is "famous last words"... :twilightsmile:

Its never a bad time for some Twilestia awwws

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