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This account is dedicated to stories of Love, Healing, Kindness and Hope. I know a lot of you out there are suffering, and I hope you can find a safe-haven in my writing.


Princess Celestia is seen as a nearly inapproachable figure. Her image as total ruler of Equestria has both solidified her authority and alienated her from other ponies. When this alienation begins to affect her mentality she summons her faithful student to help give her the best cure for it, snuggles.

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This is nice. I wish it were true.

Hmmm. I do approve of fluffy time, especially cuddling. I do, however, have to ask: You used the romance tag, yet Celestia described Twilight as "being like a daughter to her". Which tone were you going for? I mean, either is fine, but as a devoted zealot loyal subject of the Twilestia group, I have to ask.

Well it seemed the MOST pertinent of all the tags... I am leaving how their relationship evolve up to the reader's imagination.

4283313 In that case, the Slice-of-Life-tag might be the more appropriate choice. Other than that, please do continue with the cuddles. There needs to be more of that. :twilightsmile:

This is silly and a bit stupid...Eh who cares. It's funny

Thank you! I think the fandom needs more happy, wholesome stories. Personally I think the reason we have so much gore and fetishism is because people post that stuff just for attention and shock value. I have friends who have been screwed up in the head by some of the stuff they read. My goal is to write stories that make people happy or that can help people out of hard times. It's one of the core principals of the community!

It could use some minor proofreading, but otherwise enjoyable. And I agree, Its nice to have fluff for fluffs sake once in a while.

I like the idea of a story just about Celestia huggin Twlilight, but this one is kinda rushed and too blunt to really evoke any emotion.

A nice but of fluff. I have to admit, I really enjoy this type of story. I'll give you a like for it

There was fluff and hugging, so yeah, I liked it. As others have said, it does need some editing. :pinkiehappy:

This should have been longer.

Make a sequel with more SNUGGLES, Luna needs to get in on this, and then ALL OF EQUESTRIA! MUWHAHAHAHAahahahahahahahaha :pinkiecrazy:

This was cutesy, lovely and fun!

My only complaint is: "which had ruled her life for 1000's of years."
Should be written as thousands of years.

i loved it! i think it would be a perfect story to relax with. :twilightsmile: :ajsmug: :heart:

I just can't buy Twilight's initial reaction when she gets to Canterlot. Although the dramatic tension would be broken quickly, if she were (a) summoned to Canterlot under mysterious circumstances (the letter is totally innocuous, why not let Spike read it?) and (b) told to go directly to Celestia's bedchambers, she should think Celestia was gravely ill. And the sense of relief would enhance the snuggling anyway in my opinion.:pinkiehappy:

Short and sweet :twilightsmile: But I wish it were at least a little longer.

I'm also disappointed that Twilight didn't ask, "what are we gonna do on the bed?" :rainbowlaugh:

Well that was cute... So points for making me smile come to a grand total of six hundred plus four hundred for an exceptional representation of Luna... as for kudos, One goes to Celestia for not beating around the bush and telling Twilight, "I command you to snuggle with me!" or something like that... Also Luna gets one kudos for breaking into her sister's dream for three years without letting herself be seen. And last but certainly not least Twi get's kudos for taking her cuddles like a mare.... This makes your daily total, one thousand points and three kudos... congratulations your winnings may be redeemed for prizes at the front desk.

Lovely. I love reading about ponies snuggling.

Cute, but wow are there a lot of weird mechanical errors. I'm thinking of punctuation and random capitalization in particular. Could have done with a second look.

A very cute and cuddly premise, though I think it'd be an easier read with some proofreading and breaking up most of the paragraphs.

Keep up the good work! :twilightsmile: :trollestia:

Of course she only summons Twilight. It's not like Spike needs any affection, having no family and missing out on every group hug.


You seem to be forcing your own rather depressing head canon about Spike into this story.

Spike is a canonically happy character, who shares a very close familial bond with Twilight. I imagine that in addition to her that he does have a number of friends and family figures and bonds we don't know about simply because that info has never been relevant enough to any one episode's storyline to warrant screen time. The absence of it in these short and often rushed ~20min episodes doesn't imply it doesn't exist.

Furthermore, he doesn't appear in this story because it isn't about him receiving comfort, it's about Celestia receiving comfort, and that doesn't somehow negate Spike receiving comfort in the future if and when he needs it.

4287696 am I just going to start bumping into you everywhere I go?

4295202 Sure seems to be the case. :ajsmug:

i love this consept! everyting about it! If you changed up the ending a bit, made this a little longer even it could turn into an even better story I think. I really got drawn into this one chapter as it was...

There aren't enough stories like this nowadays. :twilightsmile:

Oh twilight you lucky pony you.

Very sweet and adorable. :twilightsmile:

this was a vey sweet and fun read.

D'aaw... Faved.

Wonderful story! Heartily thumbed up.

I thought the way Celestia so suddenly invited Twilight to bed and the way Twilight accepted snuggling so quickly was a bit unrealistic by our world's standards and not well justified in the story without at least an anecdote about how it would be normal for the two or a conversation over tea to first let Celestia explain to Twilight, maybe, and get past a bit of the awkwardness. The abruptness took me out of the moment in which you'd otherwise so skillfully captivated me as a reader. The situation loses some of its relatability by the fact that they seem to be almost immune to the awkwardness that normally makes something like being invited over for surprise cuddles for the first time ever by a mentor a little uncomfortable.

Otherwise very nicely written. If there happens to be a rewrite I'll definitely be interested in reading.

4444809 I'm probably going to edit the snuggle part and do just what you said to be hod rush it some.me

Nonsense. I help ponies of all ages. It is one of my many jobs, to ensure the consciouses of all my little ponies are clear and at rest.


[Conscious is an adverb, thus can't be plural. I know, homonyms am I right?]

"To be honest... Twilight has been like a daughter to me. I wouldn't truly feel comfortable doing that with anypony else... aside you.

Needs end " marks.

"why would she not be?"

"you mean you brought me all the way out to canterlot just to-"


Twilight's reaction as well as the feeling of affection made the elder princess less nervous.

Indent paragraph.

"Well Im here for you now, because I really needed this too."


Meh ... I'll be honest this fic wasn't bad. I just couldn't really get into it, but that may because I just woke up.

I'll spare you more critiques; it looks like you have plenty already. :moustache:

So, summary:

It was nice. I like it. :twilightsmile:

Upon rereading, I also wanted to acknowledge the subtextual awkwardness between Twilight and Celestia. It seems as if the physical play between Twilight and Celestia indicate that they, themselves, aren't sure where this is going, or where they want it to go. Like they're both just starving for physical affection and aren't certain where their own boundaries are going to be yet, much less one another's. On the one hand, they're accustomed to thinking of one another as mother/daughter, on the other hand there's playful (accidental?) ear nips and shudders. Not to mention the conversational slip betwixt Celestia and Luna. It creates an interesting tension within each pony, which in turn shapes the tension between them. :trixieshiftright:

Also, I understand that such a story might be a bit more "serious" than your mission statement (which is a magnificent one, BTW), but If at any point you decide to expand on this, maybe really get into the characters' heads over time, I feel safe in saying I'm not the only one who would read it. Maybe a longer, more detailed alternate of this tale, or maybe a continuation? Because seriously, that kind of character exploration... I would read the crap out of that! :twilightsmile:

Bad dreams? Can't sleep peacefully?

I honestly loved this.

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