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I have failed you · 4:25am Apr 12th, 2013

Well I tried, but I couldn't finish the newest chapter of There's Something About Twilight Sparkle before my exams started. So now I'm super busy and it's doubtful I'll get much work done on it. You'll likely have to wait to the end of April for me to finish it now. My apologies to everyone.

In other news I'm thinking of starting to actually use this blog. I have two things in mind, one is criticisms of common things that bother me in fanfics I read. The other is sort of behind the scenes stuff for my stories. Background information and other stuff that will likely only be indirectly referenced in the story at best. However that one would also likely include spoilers as that information would likely make it easy to figure out what'll happen next.

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Thank you kindly for the fave. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the fave!

Thanks for the favorite! I've got a new chapter coming soon, I just need a prereader.

2242572 It's good to hear back from you :twilightsmile:. I wish you good luck with the book then, maybe we'll see you again sometime this year then:twilightsheepish:.


I'm still here, sorta. My dad asked me to write a book (Not a short story, not a poem, an honest to goodness 50 000+ word long book) for his birthday, and well, that's what I've been writing since. So once I finally finish that (I'm going to go way over 50 000 words that way it's looking, but I should hit 50 000 words this August.) I'll come back and finish my other stories on this site.

  • Viewing 37 - 41 of 41
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