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I think I am just gonna stop posting anything, for a while. I am going to prepare a few stories so that everypony won't have to wait as much anymore. Thanks for waiting for me.

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.... · 6:49am Jun 18th, 2017

Can't b sure what to say here.
Not sure I'll ever get back to MLP FIM Fan fics

I like the stories I started and want to complete them but life's too busy and will get busier.

Plus I already left The fandom.
Not sure what of my followers are Still out there.

Sry if I let any of you down.
Probably is my last blog.

Sorry again.

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1805714 I did but I understand... I got work today but I might try again after I am of tell then later. *Nuzzles*

1803819 Hahaha well I am not really on right now, seeing as I am a bt busy doing something else.... I know I said I wouldn't be asleep by the time you came back, but I waited 3 hours... and you were a no-show, so...:moustache: I don't think I can really blame myself for going to bed and actually going to sleep. Sorry if I didn't catch, if you happened to have come back any later. :rainbowwild:

Just seeing if you where online or not.

1802207 Nope lets do this PM me any time.

Hey Shadows. I think I'm ready for my first RP lesson -- if you're up to it, of course. :scootangel:
If not then tomorrow or today, next week, will work.

1800540 Great, thanks. :pinkiesmile: (That means in the evenings, too, right?)

1800536 Any time in the afternoon perferribly

1800451 Awesome! :pinkiesmile:
Around what time(s) do you think? :rainbowhuh:

1800223 Okay the no Facebook no Skype got it. Also Wednesday or Thursday will be fine for me.

1799109 Sure!! :pinkiehappy: What time are you available to talk? I was thinking that'd we could go back in forth
in PM... But it's really up to you. Hopefully you have time on Wednesdays or Thursdays.... I really don't see any other time, for me... :twilightblush: *NoFB *Noskype :twilightoops:

1798364 Well I can show you... RP is fun and it is a great way to exercise the imagination.

1792262 Heya! Sorry about the ridiculously late response! I knew I would reply late the moment I got a glimpse at your post! My weekend was busy so there wasn't time to respond, correctly....I am not writing any stories right now, but even so, I still manage to disappoint:

The answer is no. :pinkiesick:

I asked someone, a bit recently, if they'd teach me, but I never got back to them after they said yes. I always wanted to know how. but... I just didn't get the chance to learn...

Sorry about that. :twilightoops:

So do you RP at all?

1790486 BTW: Going to bed, now, so Good Night. :twilightsmile:

1790486 Ignoring you, evidently. :applejackunsure:
Sry about that. Just doing random stuff right now - particularly looking at Markiplier and stuff.

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