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I am Prince Glaciem of Equosia, a sovereign kingdom next to Equestria...Darkfire is my nickname. you will find out about me soon enough...


Still Here · 7:14pm May 5th, 2019

Hey guys,

Darkfire here to let you know that I am here LOL! at any rate, I must apologize about the speed of which I am releasing chapters for my Fanfiction "Light of Harmony." I have a lot going through my life right now; what with a job (3 am mornings can leave you tired) and admittedly a loss of confidence chief among the issues. However, in the meantime, I have been reading professional novels in an effort to improve my writing prowess.

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I am doing okay just tired alot lol, life is going well outside of that ^^

Oh my god hi! :raritystarry:

Hell yeah it's been a long time. How're you, dude? Is life and stuff going a-okay? :ajsmug:

2129519 ^_^' as soon as I can lol my apologies for the wait ^^

>>When Are you gonna update Light of Harmony? :scootangel:

2004377 I will soon enough ^^ sorry I am working on another story at the same time so I apologize that it is going a bit slow

  • Viewing 45 - 49 of 49
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