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Dark Alicorn Warrior

I am Prince Glaciem of Equosia, a sovereign kingdom next to Equestria...Darkfire is my nickname. you will find out about me soon enough...

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After three thousand years the leader of the four horses of Despair: Oblivion spirit of death and Sadness has been reborn into the mortal world to wreak havok. But first he must rally his brothers; starting with the first one not to far away in Canterlot. Now Oblivion will try to tear their friendship apart...will he succeed?

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After his parents are killed in a war, a young prince is torn away from his new home and newfound lover to be trained in the art of war. Now Twelve hundred years later the prince, now a dark warrior, emerges from the shadows and terrifies Equestria looking for answers. As he does he runs into Celestia once again. For Glaciem...could this be the road to redemption? or was this all planned? planned by an evil that nopony has heard from in four mellenia? The very reason for the three pony races splitting apart after the fall of the Alicorn race? could Glaciem be a sign that the four horses of despair are about to run free across the mortal world again?

For Celestia it will be a struggle to return her friend and lover back to the ways of justice and harmony, can she do it before he loses his soul to the darkness and pay the price at the power of the elements? and more importantly figure out who is behind Glaciem's corruption and kidnapping and stop them before it is to late?

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