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I am Prince Glaciem of Equosia, a sovereign kingdom next to Equestria...Darkfire is my nickname. you will find out about me soon enough...

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Still Here · 7:14pm May 5th, 2019

Hey guys,

Darkfire here to let you know that I am here LOL! at any rate, I must apologize about the speed of which I am releasing chapters for my Fanfiction "Light of Harmony." I have a lot going through my life right now; what with a job (3 am mornings can leave you tired) and admittedly a loss of confidence chief among the issues. However, in the meantime, I have been reading professional novels in an effort to improve my writing prowess.

But rest assured "Light of Harmony" is still very much alive and active. As of right now, the first draft of chapter 11 is nearing its conclusion and I will begin writing the second draft immediately following. I am taking Applejack's attitude with story writing and using the method that, yes, is time-consuming but hopefully the quality of the work will speak for itself.

For the future of the story, I already have two follow-ups; one focusing on events that led to "Light of Harmony" and one for following events where a new (and old) adversary appears. So for anyone reading who is a fan of my work, I thank you very much for your patience and your being a fan of my work!

More to come soon!

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