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I make fanfiction sometimes. Just call me 'Talentless'.


There's a few rules to being Rainbow Dash.

- You gotta be the best flier in Equestria.

- You gotta be cool.

- You gotta be radical.

- You gotta be awesome.

And most importantly of all...

- You can never fall in love...EVER...

- ...Unless you fall in love with a Wonderbolt. Then it's totally cool.

- ...Even if he's already got a marefriend; still totally cool.

- ...Right?

A SoarinXRainbow Dash ( SoarinDash / Rainin ) fanfiction.

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 147 )

I always figured it would be great for Rainbow Dash to open her own flight school and teach. That would a logical next move after the Wonderbolts.

Something like taking satisfaction from passing her skills to the next generation. Seeing others do the Rainboom, etc.


Perhaps that would be a good move in the future-future, but I think that teaching is something that she wouldn't quite think of yet.

Upon seeing Scootaloo get her cutie mark or something though, I could imagine that the idea would occur to her, as Scootaloo is kind of her student.



Make way for feelings!!! :rainbowderp:


Oh heeey~ I remember you from my earlier stories. :twilightsmile:


Yep. Still wiping away the tears. :fluttercry:


Hm... go on. I like this story.

That was one way to create... a cliffhanger...


Omigosh, I love your profile picture. :derpytongue2:

Comment posted by LeopardCay deleted Jun 12th, 2013

Daaw, such a awesome story so far :pinkiehappy:! Can't wait for more. But please make it happy and not sad :fluttercry:!

Woah you update daily? Awesome! (Please don't make RD too ego-tastic pleasepleasepleaseplease) Oh, and don't rush things to quickly! The romance is considerably coming quick already. :rainbowwild:


Don't worry. This story does not have a 'sad' tag! ^ ^


Yep yep yep. I update daily~

Also, don't worry about Rainbow Dash's personality. I find her to be much LESS 'ego-tastic' than a lot of people think, so I portray her that way.

And I suppose it's hard for me not to 'rush' things. I like my stories to be simple and short, because I don't particularly like reading super-long fanfictions. Just little things that make me feel all fuzzy inside~ :heart:

There's still three chapters left though, so hopefully that'll be long enough for you!

Oh, heh, I actually enjoy long fanfics. Just an individual's taste. :p


Yeah, I'm sure that individual taste is what it's all about. Long fanfics tend to overwhelm me way too much; I couldn't commit to making something so long.

I think I'd be really awful at it anyway. :fluttershysad:

Oh, and I just read the new chapter. FANTASTIC! Although I'm pitying Dash. Heh.
By the way, even if long fics aren't your taste, I recommend Head in the Clouds. Also SoarinDash, and it's an adorable and intense story.
Anyway, I can't wait for more chapters. Keep it up! :D



Yeah, that's a LOT of words.

I got overwhelmed just by looking at the word count of the first chapter.


BAHAHAHAHA! Love your reaction.
If you're bored someday and literally have nothing to do, I suggest you give it a try. You won't regret it!


Oh, no no no no no~

I'd feel guilty spending so much of my time just reading a story. :twilightsheepish:

*eagerly awaits the next chapter*


Well, I update daily, so I suppose that's good news for you; you won't have to wait long. :pinkiehappy:

I just need to hit something? Haha! Thats awesome...

Nice Chapter!

And, am I reading too much storys or is it oblivious that Soarin has a crush an Rainbow :pinkiehappy:...?

Woah, that escalated quickly :rainbowderp:..

Glad you could update everyday! Keep it going! Best chapter yet!! Fanfilly squeal:rainbowkiss::pinkiehappy::raritystarry:


Dun dun duuuuun. :derpytongue2:


Awwww! I'm so glad you like it! :heart:


Indeed. XD


Maybe you are~ You'll just have to wait for the final chapter to see~

Boon goes the rainboom.

Comment posted by SOARINDASHLOVER2665 deleted Jun 15th, 2013

>> TheTalentlessPony
Oh I didn't like it......... I love it!!!


Yes. KA-BOOM~ :rainbowlaugh:


It makes me so happy to hear you say that! :pinkiehappy:

Once again, fabulous chapter.
Keep it up :raritywink:


You mean, in my future stories?

Because this is the last chapter. :rainbowhuh:


Yes, in your future stories :pinkiesmile:
You are a fabulous writer, I can't wait to see the next. You have yourself a new follower.

YAY!!! OMIGOSH!! I LOVE THIS STORY!!!:heart::pinkiehappy::heart::yay::raritystarry:


Thank you! :pinkiehappy:

Also, I love your icon. Dashie~

Oh my gawd, such a beatiful chapter :heart:! Awesome ending for a awesome story :pinkiehappy:!

(You have to make more Rainbow Fanfictions :rainbowdetermined2:)


Rainbow Dash is my favorite pony, so I do try to put a lot of effort into her character. ^ ^

...However, it seems that my ratings for this story are much worse than my other three stories...:raritydespair:

(Yep, Rainbow is best Pony :rainbowdetermined2:!)

If the "Dislikers" does not write a comment why they disliked, then you can just ignore them, trus me :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by SOARINDASHLOVER2665 deleted Jun 15th, 2013
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