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I like dialogs. The password is "1".

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2050468 Sorry to set your hopes high, but I pressed "Favorite" by mistake. I haven't finished reading it yet, and first impression isn't the best. I did check your other stories, but only liked "Nightmare" so far (haven't finished Cadance either).

Thanks for the love on 'Spike: The Dragon Princess'. :pinkiehappy:

Have you taken a look at my other stories? There may well be something else in there that you'll enjoy. Take a look 'here' for my top stories.

'Nightmare In Rainbow' is my top-rated story. It's a short story following Rainbow Dash's worst nightmare.

'Remembering, Mother' is a touching little short story about Applejack fondly remembering her parents after a hard day's work.

Alternatively, in 'Cadance: The Love Arsenal', the Princess of Love takes us on a journey in her bid to spread love across Equestria on Hearts and Hooves Day with her trusty arsenal of love-fuelled weaponry.

I hope you get a chance to read and enjoy some of these, and thanks again for the love. :heart:

2034456 I hope you will. Best of luck.

2033340 give me time and I will. I am quite busy.

2033290 I add to "Is it dead?" good unfinished stories that haven't been updated over 1 year.

Could you give links to unpublished chapter(s), if you've already posted them?

  • Viewing 5 - 9 of 9
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