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“What is this group?”

“This, dear reader, is a group dedicated to stories written as characters only talking back and forth.”

“Only talking?”

“Only talking. No narrator, no fancy descriptions. Just a couple ponies and quotation marks.”

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So these types of stories DO exist ^.^ I'm going to try writing one. If anyone is willing, can I get some tips beforehand? Thanks!


No, that story has a simple first-person perspective.

Hey, just wondering, does this story count as dialogue-only?


380643 I saw your new story, and noticed the little "!?" dialogue boxes at the top of the description, and thought, "huh, I thought we weren't supposed to put pictures in the story description," and I noticed you could click on them and that lead me here.

Good to see this group getting some activity again. I was worried I'd be the only one to post new content from now on. :twilightsheepish:

Oh hey, this is a thing! Cool! Now my stories make up a third of the stories here. :pinkiesmile:

I just posted my own dialogue-only story, as a bit of an experiment. It'd be much appreciated it if anybody gives it a chance.

Comment posted by MaudPie21 deleted Mar 17th, 2014

Always wanted to write one. Now I have an audience :pinkiehappy:

now a group exists for it. :yay:

352836 Well enjoy.:pinkiehappy:
You know what they say, if you keep trying and never give up, perhaps on day you will be able to have a comment with over 125 downvotes like Piece Bot in EW EW EW EW EW.:trollestia:


352830 *looks at the downvotes* I love the butthurt, it's delicious.

352770 You still need to be fairly creative in order to create an entertaining story while using this format.:ajbemused:


AKA: The group for people with no writing skills whatsoever.

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