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It was only supposed to be for one night, but then those ponies became more curious...

They can't know I'm in this weird crystal tree house, so I gotta stay hidden for another night...

and another...
and another...
and another...

when are they going to leave?!?!

(DISCLAIMER: Not Grimdark. Tagged as Comedy and Tragedy because I'm not allowed to tag it as Comedy and Sad, even though that's what this is.)

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XD Just from the description I can tell its a parody of Five Nights at Freddy's!

intressting i will follow this:moustache:
BTW do you have any plans to switch to the ponies point of view?

There will be something similar as an epilogue.

Best human in Equestria ever!

Knowing the game, this could turn into a 7-night-stand. :trollestia:

If only you knew, Mike. It's never the end... :trollestia:

So Twilight will be like Freddie?

Comment posted by Joshiplier deleted Oct 15th, 2014

Bonnie= Rarity
Twilight= Freddie
Applejack= Chica
Pinkie= Foxie

5143236 check Freddy again, there's only one pony who becomes active on night 4

In hindsight, naming the story "Five nights at Twily's" is a bit ironic

Time for the sixth night then.........

At least he got $120 dollars. Or bits. $0.00 for him.

Night 6: Hi. The title may say 5 nights but there's a sixth. Also have you met my brother, night seven?

Night 7: You're fired for something you didn't do!



but it's quite


it's still quite,


That's quite the spelling error, ain't it?

This story is boss:pinkiehappy:. PinkiePie scares the shit out of me:fluttershbad:

5169552 Oh dear your picture scared me!:raritydespair:

5162533 I love your comment there. Good thinking.

Well we have done 5 night. Why not MORE1!!? :pinkiecrazy:

The game stops at 7 nights, so it makes sense to have at least one more chapter.

I can bet the next chapter will be called custom night ROFL

Wait, what? That was unexpected. :rainbowderp:

5175461 LOL! :rainbowlaugh:

Can we get some pinkamena action :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:


could you quote the spot that it happens? I feel like I mixed up "quiet" and "quite" a lot.

as for the cameras, let's just say, "Because magic".

"I heard there was a place named Everfree Forest, that sounds like a very calm place to go to instead of having to deal with this impenetrable crystal fortress." :pinkiegasp: NO DUDE!!!! DON'T YOU DARE GO INTO THE EVERFREE FOREST sure zecora's hut is there :twilightsmile: BUT THERE'S ALSO MANTICORES COCKATRICE :raritycry: AND need I go on further? also THEY WON'T HURT YOU!!!! :twilightangry2: but I understand gotta play it safe. still though NO EVERFREE!!!!!:raritycry:

*Turns AI for all to 0*
OK I'm ready for Night 7! :twilightblush:

Ooh, I know who drew that cover! It's my friend kiki on deviantart.

"But just because it's a Five Nights parody (and barely a parody at that) doesn't mean I need to stop on the seventh night. *mischievous laughter*"
Oh dear Celestia we're all screwed.

Next we need Five Nights at Twily's 2

Also error:For those who have never seen any gameplay of Five Nights at Freddie's, the game actually has seven nights.
Its Freddy's not Freddie's. Confusing right? It confused me too.:twilightblush:

Record it, then edit the 0's to say '20'

YOU'RE FIRED. Literally! Hee hee! :trollestia:

Dang it I was so sure you were going to name night 7 as custom night ROFL

Cute. I D'awwww'd

I found this after spending a night getting the carp scared out of me playing a marathon of Five nights. The previous horror makes the humor here that much more enjoyable!

Definitely going to show my friends this in the morning!:pinkiehappy:

I was tempted, but since the only thing that makes this relevant to being a Five Nights spinoff is the name and some cameras, I desided I would just keep the pattern of the chapters.

Thanks for the fix. Also, I hope you're glad, cause I gave you what you wanted:

Night 7: You're fired for something you didn't do!

Um so did he die from the flames? this might be a silly question but i MUST KNOWWWWWW

This a decent story idea, i think it would be kinda funny lol
SPOILER:Unrelated to fnaf!

Burninating the countryside, dun dahh nuh DUN nahhh~

So I'm head cannoning here that Twilight or Discord cast a spell that allowed them to wake up Mike's sister to allow him to have a goodbye before he left in the first place. A nice little time travel paradox.

My money's on Discord, with Fluttershy's influence/insistence.

D`awww A fitting conclusion. Thanks for sharing.

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