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We know him and love him. It's our master and god, King Sombra.

The darkest of all the villains and the biggest threat to ever befall Equestria. This group is to promote our favorite villain from the show. And hopefully get him back on the show. Because we want more of King Sombra!

Rules of this group are simple.

Rule 1: be respectful

Rule 2: no discrimination against any members of this group.

Rule 3: do not post any NSFW things. (I still have no idea what NSFW means but I guess it is bad.)

Rule 4: have fun.

Failure to follow these rules will result in being banned from group.

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Has anyone told you yet that NSFW means "not safe for work"? This mostly includes content that is rated 18+ and such.

334237 Yay. And stuff lol.


I'll when I'm finished with my Econometrics homework.

334235 All Hail King Sombra. He is best villain.

334234 You guys will witness from me the return one the greatest darklords of Equestria >:)

334232 Hail the Dark Lord.

Oh man, then this group will witness a pretty great come back with Sombra, just wait patiently. :ajsmug:

334230 could you give me your opioion about my story? Redemption of a Monster?


Thanks! :heart:

334227 Amazing my friend. Those words are how I can describe it.


Thanks! I think you'll like it, as all the previous readers ^^ :trollestia:

Yo! If this is a group about Sombra, maybe you want to check out my one-shot Last Speech Before The Terminus :scootangel:

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