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Why hello my little ponies. I welcome you too my humble academy of darkness and terror. Here you are free to post stories pertaining to the awesome power that is dark magic. Weather it's a story about your's truly, or another unicorn using hate and fear in their magic, interesting read await you my precious sla... Ah! I mean students!

Unfortunately, the academy is undergoing renovations, so there aren't any folder or colorful banners yet. Check back latter today so you may all learn the true power of evil.

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I have heeded the call and now I am here.

391799 Haha. Not funny. :ajbemused:

I think we all know who's the real boss around here.

377531 not much of an entrance grandpa. :derpytongue2:

HELLO!! I am oblivion the abyss lord! Creator of darkness, fear, and evil itself! Nice to meet y'all

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