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Before he became the wicked spirit we know, King Sombra had been a kind king that had yearned for the well-being of his citizens. However, one thousand years ago, a series of events forced him to step forth into an abyss that would change him forever.

New version edited by RainbowBob.

Dramatic readings of the old version:
- by Night Scribe
- by Jonty Jig

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Author Interviewer

You know what? This story doesn't make any sense at all. How could he be writing all of this when he leaves his study to deliver the speech? It's not written down after the fact, he says as much at the beginning. At the end, he becomes the black mist monster to lead his ponies into battle. There's no way he could have written this down, and that goes for both versions of the story. :/ You improved it a lot by expanding it, but it just doesn't work, I'm sorry.

I like this a lot, so much so that my voice has become dull and flat because of excitement overload.

Another fuel to the fire of hatred towards Celestia

Thanks for reading this very old story ^^

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