This story is a sequel to The Light-Bringer

Long ago, in the frozen wastelands of what would become the Crystal Empire, a lone unicorn stallion becomes trapped in an icy tomb. Before he is consumed by the relentless north, forever to be forgotten, he finds salvation, but not without a price.

A King Sombra origin story.

Thanks to Loopy Legend and Draconian Soul for editing.

Rated Teen for dark elements and graphic descriptions of violence.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 25 )

YES! King Sombra!

And what a story, too! Shame I missed the arrival of this...

~Skeeter The Lurker


It's all good! I'm glad you liked it! :moustache:


Hell, I LOVE a good Sombra story!

~Skeeter The Lurker


Me too. He needs more love. :moustache:

Well, this was very good.

excellent work; I always thought discord had a hand with Sombra, he is the second most powerful villain in the show.


Thanks! That's what I thought as well. :moustache:

Wait...so Sombra created the crystal ponies?

Interesting. This makes him about 20% more evil.:rainbowwild:


I am sorry I do not wish to incite the rage of the author, yet I must say... I am not impressed by the piece. This has sent me into a fit of despondence not on the pretense of the scheme, nor the development of Sombra. The work does elaborate diction. As well as a story to merit a conventional antihero. What disheartens me is that I have seen this all before. Sombra is resputen in many aspects, as he is the cultist, or the criminal. He is Worm Tonge and Benedict Arnold with the collaboration of the devil to accentuate the definition of Sombra's might, and yet everything is wrapped in shades of grey. This is ambiguous and will be clarified and but I feel the urge to mention that this could have been quicker paced and Sombra's personality was not fitting of the emboldened despot we have seen. This is a work still in phase one and with that in mind I should be less critical. The piece has a lot to offer and I look forward to its development; whether this portends to future events of anticlimactic predictable scenes I shall await in silence. I can't wait to see who he'll fight and I am looking forward to this story. don't disappoint and don't be discouraged by another writer, I just wish to see your best.


Sorry you didn't like it. It's only a one-shot, meant to be a possible origin story for King Sombra. It wasn't meant to show his transition into the "emboldened despot" the show portrays--it is merely a plausible origin for him, that of a traitor who made a pact with Discord for eternal life. The pacing may have been a little slow, but then again, this is a very simple story (in contrast to others I have written) and was meant to be so. I may write a more detailed Sombra story in the future, but this was just an origin story for now. Sorry. I hope you enjoy my other works, if you choose to read them. :twilightsmile:

Wow! This is just as awesome as the Discord story, and it also makes Sombra even more evil. That's an epic win in my book.

Also, the Silent is the Devil?

Or is this Discord? I don't even know.

EDIT: Just saw the character tags. Adoy.


Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :moustache:

Discord in these "metaphysical" stories (Light-Bringer in this one) is seen as the Devil within this AU. The Silent is the first Elohim, and the true Creator god.


I'm glad you caught that reference! (The biblical one.) Sombra is in some ways similar to both the beast out of the sea and the beast out of the Earth, but I based some of this mythos more off the first one (the wound that was healed, rising out of an "ocean" of ice, etc.). It's not a direct parallel (like with Discord and Lucifer), but it was part of what I was going for. :twilightsmile:

A very interesting take on things with this piece. I caught the reference and I think you did a really good job with it!


Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it! :pinkiehappy:

Long live King Sombra!

If that is the case then cadence has no right to the throne and celestia being a meddlesome bitch is once again trying to rule everything with "harmony" which is short for ponies are not allowed to be harassed but the rest of the species get treated like shit


... I'm confused as to how you came to this conclusion... :rainbowderp:

It seems I've found another Sombra who likes fire. :twilightsmile:

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