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I like to quote Jaden Smith in my works.


I think we dream so we don’t have to be apart for so long. If we’re in each other’s dreams, we can be together all the time.

Many years after our favorite heroes' events, Equestria is raided by a surprise Changeling attack, this one much more organised and violent than the previous one. The Changelings are fought back and killed, right down to the last... But all that is left of Canterlot is a broken city that although it can be rebuilt, will never be the same. In honor of Princess Twilight, who died in battle, the two royal sisters decide to keep the moon up in the sky during the daytime, creating a cycle known as the Long Day.

30 years later, the rebuilt world of Equestria is mending. In a troubled but fairly functional and vastly evolved Canterlot, five young ponies who just want to have a bit of harmless fun are in for an evening that they will always remember...

Thanks to cmaggot for letting me use his stunning picture as a cover art, and to Conicer for his amazing editing work!

Thanks to Dr Bob for proofreading and editing!

Contains swearing, and the use of Celestia's name in vain.

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4385360 Thanks for the luv brotha! :twilightsmile: But out of curiosity... what do you mean by new 'Orion' story? Is there another Orion I don't know about? :twilightsheepish:

that was actually a typo. I'm going to edit it and forget that I ever made such an egregious error.

also holy crap. you're the guy that did the Ponyville Paintball story. I knew I watched you for a reason. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

4385394 That's right! That story is still in the works too, gonna wrap it up soon :rainbowdetermined2:

Thanks for the generous praise man, it means a lot :pinkiesmile:

you're a hell of a writer. I have to give credit where credit's due.

I haven't got far on that paintball story cuz of paintball tournaments lol.

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I might be wrong, but it seemed you were trying to set up characters to be the new Elements of Harmony in this. If so, I'd like to read more about this group with their yet to be plus one. :pinkiesmile:

4390122 Haha good idea! But no, that wasn't the idea. Could give rise to a sequel, maybe...? If you wanna jump on board with that, you have my permission :raritywink:

Orion looked for a few seconds at the great white mare that was painted there, giving him a soothing smile while her luscious mane flowed behind her. Next to her, on the bottom hand corners of the window, two other ponies were depicted. One was a mare of deep blue, shown half-shrouded in the night sky while the moon and stars danced above her, and the other a smiling purple mare, spreading her wings against the evening colours of twilight.

But what about Cadence?

Orion, curiosity is a nasty habit of yours.

Curiosity killed the pon-Wait, actualy it was a changeling to face, but heh details.




and I know he loves me back just as much!


It’s a secret to everypony.

Legend Of Zelda reference or just a coincidence?

But then I remembered rule number one. Antares told me not to be late. So I didn’t lose any time and I went inside the bakery.
There was a bell that made a little ringing sound when I pushed the door open.

Wait.. did he really ask him to..

Yep. He did. :facehoof:

“Shit,” said the mare. I don’t get it; if it’s a no-no word, why do grown-ups use it all the time?

That, is because for real its a no-yes word.
The yes part is only for grown ups c:
Lol, i think im a first-comment chain here xD

4390686 Perhaps. once I'm done with my own story.

That changeling tag gave me illusion that there will be more about lings.

Overall interesting story, but quite short for that good worldbuilding what you done.

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