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"RoMS I love you even though you OTP Rarijack!" Monochromatic~


Once again, Princess Twilight Sparkle has awoken Ponyville, her tantrum dishevelling her whole library. A question keeps bothering her nights and she craves to find the answer. Yet, nopony but one particular buck can mend her titillated mind.

Featured on Canterlot's Finest - 12/16/2013

An idea that popped in my head a few days ago, I had to write it down.
Thanks for those who will read, like, and comment.

Edited by Icudeadnow

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Comments ( 22 )
Manes #1 · Dec 12th, 2013 · · 1 ·

Wow Such comedy

Such random Me like!

RoMS #2 · Dec 12th, 2013 · · 1 ·


Such comment!

Wow impressed!

Diamond Doge approved!


Haha, Nice! :heart:

“What are you doing in my shed,

Stay outta my shed! :flutterrage:


/me switches on the chainsaw! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! :pinkiecrazy:


Even when there is no question, always go 42

or 34 on Fimfiction, or even 36, they work too! :rainbowkiss:


or 34 on Fimfiction, or even 36, they work too!

The official FiMfiction number is...



Eitherstarswirlgotpowerfulenoughthathegainedthealmostomnipotentpowersofdiscordwhoheactuallyturnsintoorstarswirlisareallygoodactorandhepretendedtobeacivalised(?)coltformostofthatlifejjsttomesswithpeople yes. :pinkiehappy:




well said

As a bearded man myself, I approve of this story :eeyup:

En passant, on dirait que tu as tapé "statute" à la place de "statue" plusieurs fois.


En effet, merci.

I... like the way you handled this, but I thought that was kind of weak. Ponies have trouble growing long beards? I assume they grow facial hair as well as any human; it's just really rare that any of them have had beards. Why? Who knows. The show just doesn't use that many beards.

Admittedly it is his epithet, but still. Also, couldn't she have asked Luna or Celestia? I don't mind the way she went about it, thanks to Discord's inspiration, it just rang a bit hollow without addressing that possibility.

"Luna is asleep and Celestia will think I'm crazy!" :facehoof:

Also, I feel this could have used an editor, but on the whole it was sound. I just had those misgivings. Cute reveal at the end, btw, but you made me want more. Evil! :trollestia:

I think you should perhaps tag Discord, if not him and Spike, btw.


Thanks for the long post.

This story is maybe about the greatest question, but I do know it is not the greatest fic and that there is much plot holes. Hey, it's a short story after all. I can't build a whole story in 2,000w ^^.

About Twilight's behaviour, we all know that she goes fuzzy in the head when under pressure. Asking for advices would not pop up in her mind if the advisor is not going straight to her, like Discord did. That's my response to the plot hole.

By the way, you can find some art about my twist on deviant art ^^. Just search for Star Swirl the Bearded.

Yo mane, this shit had me gigglin. have my like



Yo nigga can stole ma shiet! tanks for da licke!


3618935Iz Coo broski. Keep up the G work, bang bang.


It might not be headcanon, but thanks for the fav.

Try the music "Starswirl's frankenstein" on youtube ;)

*reads summary* :pinkiegasp: Twilight must have a really important question! Like what is the meaning of existence? Or maybe what the afterlife is like?

*reads beginning* Yup, as I expected, Twilight is totally obsessed with her surely universe-altering question. :twilightsheepish:

*reads middle* Oh boy, now Discord's in the picture. :trixieshiftleft: Let's just see how this goes...

*reads end* ...That was it? Her oh-so-important question was why Starswirl had a beard!? And Discord told her to go to the past just so she could get a fancy razor!? :twilightangry2:...:facehoof:

Agh, whatever. It was a really good read though. Loved it. :twilightsmile:


It is a nonsensical story ^^

Thanks for the comment.

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