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No life, wind, or light. A total lack of sense of time. When a pony wakes up in the metal belly of a spaceship, only the sounds of cogs, wheels, and pumps accompany him. Lost in this sarcophagus of steel, all he wishes for are the reasons for his punishment.

Featured in Seattle's Angels Round 167.
Translated in Russian here by Doof.

Edited by garatheauthor, and pre-read by Flashgen and TheLegendaryBillCipher.

Entry for the 'Contest #20 - 11/09/2019' on the Speedwrite Discord. Prompt: "The Song of Dead Stars".
Cover based on the manga Blame! by Tsutomu Nihei.

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Comments ( 13 )

Generally not a fan of horror, but I enjoyed reading this for a third time. Excellent visceral descriptions. A little late for Halloween, but a nice piece nonetheless.

Thank you for yet another kind comment! And for helping work out this speedwriting entry. :pinkiehappy:

Will there be a sequel?

Well... it's a loop. :rainbowlaugh:
But if you liked the atmosphere of the piece, I'd definitely recommend you give a look at the manga Blame!.

loved this! i don't come across many creepasta/horror fics on here, but i'm certainly glad when i do! a lot of description for my autistic brain, but voicing it out loud helped

Hoooooh this is a goodie, and you're a delight for writing it.

9957145 :heart:
9956994 :pinkiehappy:
Thank you for the kind comments!

Very well done atmospheric work of mystery horror.

The Monk
“Because we killed all of the monsters we ever ran into, save for ourselves and Death. What better way to respect death than to give it the form of the only monster we could never kill?" - WhatMustIDo

This is incredibly bleak and unsettling
Your skill with imagery here is top notch, and everything comes together to render a palpable atmosphere of misery. The way you describe the filth on the spaceship is particularly visceral
Really well done mate this is exceptional

Oh wow, I've totally fallen for the imagery here. Bleak, unsettling but completely gripping. Amazing work. Thanks for writing and sharing!

Thank you for reading!

Soge #12 · 3 weeks ago · · ·

Amazing work with the atmosphere here. It is so bleak and oppressing throughout, and yet you managed to keep the story very much compelling.

Thanks for the kind comment and the fav!

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