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Results Day: A Mini-Retrospective · 9:25pm Mar 22nd, 2020

Hello again! This post is coming a little earlier than I intended, but I had some free time, and I thought it would make sense to get my thoughts down before they have a chance to escape!

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~ · 5:18pm May 1st, 2023

Smolder exhaled. Whether the smoke that followed came from biology or the dragon's refusal to contain the cigarette's erosion Ocellus couldn't tell. It blossomed, though, a smudge of grey against the bruised sky, and that was enough. But in that moment Ocellus was certain that whatever Smolder did would have been enough.

"Been waiting a while, now." The broad scratch of Smolder's voice seemed to send the smoke into a spiralling oblivion. "Feels like it's been forever."

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Yeah, I'm usually not all that focused on MLP adjacency myself (Daniel Ingram's songwriting for Billie Bust-Up notwithstanding), but Faust's direct involvement drew me in. I genuinely grew to love each of the "Fightin' Six" in their own rights, let alone the not-quite-as-magical land of Foenum they inhabited, and if anything, that ball's gotten to rolling even faster now that its rough edges have been Streisanded down. Maybe it can be an excuse to fill in the blanks yourself? I dunno.

I hope that they at least consider rolling out some old format story modes instead.

Heck, I'll honestly take as little as a Book of Lore-esque plot summary at this point. Maybe they could hide the URL at the end of Chapter 1 so you'd still have to work for it or something. Then again, all but three of Mane6's employees have since been let go, unfortunately, so barring someone saying "screw it" and leaking an outline, I wouldn’t hold my breath. Alas.

Pom is life.

Indeed she is! I was probably a smidgen more interested in Oleander's arc (namely, how her life-defining quest for validation would wrangle with Fred's trustworthiness… or lack thereof), but I always really appreciated how her characterization in particular shone through her animations and skillset. For that matter, I could probably pen an Iliad on all the reasons I fully prepared to friendship her and Tianhuo to the ends of the earth. Maybe I'll write about it someday. Who knows. :P


TFH has probably been the only MLP-adjacent world that I've remained interested in writing in - have sat on a few ideas waiting to see how the story mode might further shape the characters and setting, but that ship looks to have sailed now. A shame really, though it was always an ambitious feature, I hope that they at least consider rolling out some old format story modes instead.

Pom is life.

Y'know, for the longest time, I'd meant to compliment the choice of Them's Fightin' Herds characters in your more recent profile pics. Really annoyed it took Story Mode's demise before I finally remembered to act upon that thought.

Point being, I dig it. A rather relatable sentiment, Pom! :P

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