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Results Day: A Mini-Retrospective · 9:25pm Mar 22nd, 2020

Hello again! This post is coming a little earlier than I intended, but I had some free time, and I thought it would make sense to get my thoughts down before they have a chance to escape!

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~ · 5:18pm May 1st

Smolder exhaled. Whether the smoke that followed came from biology or the dragon's refusal to contain the cigarette's erosion Ocellus couldn't tell. It blossomed, though, a smudge of grey against the bruised sky, and that was enough. But in that moment Ocellus was certain that whatever Smolder did would have been enough.

"Been waiting a while, now." The broad scratch of Smolder's voice seemed to send the smoke into a spiralling oblivion. "Feels like it's been forever."

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