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Don't read anything into it.

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Results Day: A Mini-Retrospective · 9:25pm Mar 22nd, 2020

Hello again! This post is coming a little earlier than I intended, but I had some free time, and I thought it would make sense to get my thoughts down before they have a chance to escape!

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Wrote Something Last Week · 7:00pm March 7th

Not a story as such (or, at least, not anything approaching a complete story), but the foundation of something that could conceivably become a story with some time and effort.

And although things may change, at the moment I feel minded to at least try and find that time and effort. Which, considering I've not had either for horsewords (outside of occasional 150 Flashfic entries) for—checks notes—almost two years, is a weather change of sorts.

It's G5 too... so yeah.

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