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Literally a guy who likes games an tv. I write Dystopia/Dark Scenarios.


The SCP Foundation, an organization that has existed for thousands of years, an organization that has near unlimited resources, an organization that survived the near extinction of their species, but will one slip-up end it all?

A normal day turns deadly when an SCP breaks out of containment and shows up in the Crystal Empire. With their secrecy tarnished and curious explorers closing in, what will the foundation do?

Based off SCP: CB
Takes after the end of season 8
Undergoing rewrite as of 5/28/19

Chapters (19)
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Thoughts on CH. 5?

Please Comment. Please.

Honestly, this is pretty good. Wish the chapters were longer, but I find myself enjoying it.

The stupid move for the ponies would be to assault the facilities. Smart move would be to approach them peacefully first and ask for help.

Well, emotional ponies do lead to botched results.

Suicidal for the ponies. They’ll get mauled by the MTF and I believe there are SCPs that can be utilized to either defend the facilities, or contain other SCPs.

The Foundation should have a massive army complete with tanks, artillery, MLRS, SPAAW, etc. Something most people forget. It’s not just teams of elite soldiers, they have enough manpower and firepower to invade and conquer a country.

I’m liking the story so far, just wish the chapters were longer, keep up the good work!

Very true, their actions could cause hundreds to tens of thousands of deaths (depending on how bad they screw up, eg letting scp 682 out of the facility and roam free in equestria)

Also why would a commander be carrying the blueprints or plans to all the facilitys if he is only recontaining an scp and bringing it back to base? I would say thats a major security breach

He is carrying a map of all the facilities that currently exist. He doesn't have all the SCP documents, just the ones on 106.

You've gotta remember, the humans and by extension, the SCP foundation, don't know the ponies can read their language (Yet) Therefore, they assume that it doesn't count as a breach.

Hopefully it doesnt include the facility locations just the layout of the facilities

It is the location of the current facility and every facility to ever exist. Uh Oh!! :twilightangry2:

Comment posted by Happy2343 deleted Mar 13th, 2019

K guys, just finished writing chapter six. Have a question for y’all. Should I only focus on one group per chapter (like only Flurry/Ulgrin or only the other princesses)? Also I need suggestions on how to improve my writing. Anything helps.

Another good chapter! Also, in my opinion, focus on more than one group per chapter

Thanks for telling me.

Flurry is gonna die or be scarred for life 100%

Ahhhh 079 just said destroying the foundation would spell disaster and you ponies decide to try and destroy it anyways! Stupid ponies!

deus vu- *looks at pic* nvm, your from the future

Also good story

always fan of SCP: foundation

The next thing she saw was the Crystal Palace council room. 'This foundation needs to end, one way or another.'


oh, even if you did take out the Foundation... cough cough 682 cough cough 3000 cough cough 001 cough cough 4999 cough cough 4000 cough cough 173 cough cough 096 cough cough wheez

I am in need of a transitional chapter (From this chapter to one at the foundation.) if you have any ideas on how Twilight deals with life at the foundation or requests for an SCP, then please ask.


Does not fit what the Foundation would do.
Ím preety sure they would extract as much information out of Flurry as possible, and not kidnap Twilight, but since they see Twilight as a threat, they would kidnap her. The only problem is that this might backfire for them, the risk is to big for them, so why?

I can agree with you that pout. Kidnaping Twilight would not be the best move, but, we know more than them. The foundation only knows that Teilight got the information from somewhere, and, because of how secretive the foundation is, they’d want to know where. With Flurry out of commission, they need to get the info from the source. I’ll be sure to address this in the next 05 meeting with Twilight.

Ah I see.
Thanks for clearing it yp

Dammit, they should have recovered the knocked out commanding officers equipment so the ponies cant study it and use it against them!


“Fuck!” One of them said, “We have to leave him. Grab everything you can off of him, then let's get out of here.”


Ah, i tend to skim and skip words by accident sorry

Hmm, some sort of poison in the gasmask?

Im not really sure

"He licked his top left molar. ‘Nah, not today, rather not die.’"

Suicide by pure willpower

No, it was suicide by pure willpower

Let me just remove that part. BRB

The Foundation, "you didn't think that mole on that guy's check was normal? Ha, too bad, he's dead,"

Shouldn’t have blabbered all that info :P

I dunno, that’s my theory that the foundation terminated him.

You aren’t in the US are you? It says that the new chapter is posted on March 25, but for me it’s still March 24 🤔

I can’t stop thinking about pinkie and the chocolate fountain :trollestia:

I am In the US. It is still March 24th for me.
IDK how that happens



Knowing her, she will probably be fine, so don't worry

Tbh it was between the IKEA and the blue key.

The UIU?
Have you read the UIU Orientation?
It's hilarious.
I was expecting some other GoI, like, maybe the Insurgency; or the GOC, heck maybe even Anderson Robotics

Just because I only did thi UIU doesn’t mean other groups don’t exist.

I didn't mean that; I was expecting some other group to appear first; not the UIU

I only did the UIU first to introduce the Foundation’s (basically only) ally.

Frick. They came in and broke out the scps? What a mad lad.
Luna is honestly insane and incredibley retarded :facehoof:

Agreed, honestly they should have sent in a large force of mtfs to contain 106 then released amnestics to the witnesses. It is a plot narrative, however it’s one that lacks common sense. A more suitable plot would be if the princesses were scp’s, this would give reason to their capture and the attacks. Also the fact that the foundation is basically protecting Eqestria from the scps makes it stupid for Luna or anyone else to attack them. It’s a great story and a fun read, but a lot of things don’t add up.

TBH I think this is the weakest chapter.

Originally the princesses were going to be SCP’s, but I decided to do fallout of an attack by 106.

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