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SCP-10314: Rainbow Factory

Item #: SCP-10314

Object Class: Keter

Warning staff with only level 2 clearance or higher may view this document.

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If people like this enough I will make more.

Interesting take on the old story. I hope you do make more.

Nice! I love your writing feels like it's a real SCP report. Bravo!

Always good to see more SCP content.

Needs an editor, but otherwise great work.

A good Woaah I presume?

Comment posted by Elizabeth03 deleted Oct 20th, 2020

System says I got on to featured or Is this my bias?

Honestly when Rainbow Factory Dash said "Not a single soul gets through, not even my own" I got chills.
I'd love to read more of these!
Maybe a follow up on Field Agent Dash huh?

Hell yeah! That was awesome and I’d love to see more!

Yea I plan on one longer Multi chapter story while working on SCP documents.

I have enjoyed seeing this equestrian take on the scp foundation and would love to see more maybe even some scps from the wiki but handled or maybe even classified differently because magic

Just to let you know, there is a SCP tag that was added a month or two ago, it would be nice to see more things added to them. That and wonderful job.

- Senior Researcher Schwabauer.

So it means the SCP is Dash?

Please reply I really want to know

Very well written. It was like reading an actual SCP article from the wiki page.

Wow i didn't know you liked scp! I mean who doesn't!
Awesome job by the way!

This story really needs some heavy editing to improve the sentence structure. I'd recommend getting an editor, which I know isn't easy. Or at least a second pair of eyes to go over any future stories. Still not the worst effort to make an MLP SCP document. ^^

This actually flows like a genuine SCP article from the SCP wiki, Nice job!

There are spots in it that don't sound like an scp article, but most of it is good

Could you point them out so I may improve? If you’d be so kind.

"However it should be noted that while inside SCP-10314 creatures no longer need to eat or drink. Also unicorn magic can not be used inside SCP-10314." The way it just goes on to say no unicorn magic can be used makes it sound like a very minor footnote, nothing in a containment procedure like that detail should be sounding like a minor footnote.

The issues beyond stuff like that are the random points where short snippets of text seem less formal, I can't think of any spots off the top of my head but, id say read through it once more while listening to some scp readings by the volgan.

I may read through it again later to more accurately find the less formal parts

This belongs in the official scp database its that good.

Thanks. More is coming down the pipe line just so you know.

Comment posted by Dimitri2278 deleted Oct 19th, 2021

Instead of going with [REDACTED], you could have gone with ████████ instead.

Not bad. However the...clinical tone is inconsistent and there’s otherwise room for improvement. I’ll get more detailed later, on mobile right now.

I like it, I'm not the biggest SCP fan but I like it

Wait this is scp too
Dang have to read now

SCP-10314 is called the [DATA EXPUNGED] by on site recovered documents.

lemme guess: 'rainbow factory'

I almost think, was it Rainbow's loyalty to the Foundation that kept her safe, or was the fact her alternate was Overseer at the time, confuse the effect

It’s that or Pegasus device

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