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Everyone knows Princess Erroria, otherwise known as Alula; everyone's favorite mistake-caused alicorn princess. But what does a day in the life of a little alicorn filly look like? Well, stay tuned and find out!

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"Alicorns are quite mysterious, in many ways," Cheerilee continued, "generally speaking, alicorns are made, not born - their wings or horn must be earned by accomplishing something noteworthy... but Princess Flurry Heart was born an alicorn. Like I said, they're quite mysterious..."

Until we learned that was a lie.

"Well, that does sound fun..." Erroria thought for a few seconds, before nodding. "Sure! But we have to make sure nopony sees me - only you two and my family know I'm an alicorn, after all."

So the school doesn't know.
I was going to question whether the princesses know.

Did she use a spell to hide her wings?

Really cute and nice use of noi! Pardon, one of my Favorite foais. If you continue, I am eager how her life goes.

Erroria, her sister and mother should actualy be a lot more causes.

If anypony finds out she is an alicorn, then many things can happen and go wrong.
Alicorn magic, especially from borned alicorns is very powerful, in the wrong "hooves" it is very dangerous.

With great power comes great hungry bad guys. And I'm guessing this takes place in season 4, so we know who is coming.

Very cute--Erroria is adorable.

Also I love Noi and Cotton Cloudy. Cotton Cloudy almost never shows up in fics.

This is a fun story. If you do decide to turn it into a series, I certainly wouldn't mind.

I'm trying to imagine what she and her friends did to that tree. For some reason, the way she just announces that she can levitate one conjures up images of her and her friends uprooting trees just to see if she can lift them.

Aka alula! She's awesome

originally i was gonna have it said that twilight knows at least but i decided against it (i don't really remember why honestly-). she didn't use a spell to hide her wings since her mom and sister are pegasi, so her being a pegasus is believable (and also what she's meant to be in the show and usually appears as).

Everyone knows Princess Erroria, otherwise known as Alula; everyone's favorite mistake-caused alicorn princess.

Hmm, a pretty absolute statement for one to make, especially considering I have no idea what you're talking about. Is this real like a meme from the show or is this a fan made idea of "what-if"s? Haven't read it yet cause I feel like I'm missing some all important context here...

princess erroria is a background filly who's normally a pegasus but in lesson zero, during twilight's imagined version of magic kindergarten, she appears as an alicorn due to an animation error. she's pretty infamous because of this, but i don't really interact with the fandom too much nowadays so i'm not sure how infamous she is now.

Makes sense, sounds hilarious, and wow that episode was waaaaaay back 😂 I never noticed, but now I can get in on the joke 😃

Yep, Princess Erroria the princess of animation errors. Not the only animation error alicorn, but is the one to hold the title or Erroria. I always like alicorn fics, especially secret alicorn fics like this one.


Wait then what about her horn?

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