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Sunset could have been so much more and she knows it. But that fact hurts her far more than she thought it did, leading her to lash out.

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really nice :)

big epic

Congrats on the feature~

I loved this. Captured shim sham perfectly. Great job!

Thanks, I was hoping to get her right.

Aww, isn't that sweet: two former villainesses bonding over their shared issues.

Eh. You can't be Twilight, but you could always at least be the next Starswirl the Bearded Only Without a Beard.

(Wouldn't give up on the Alicorn thing, either. There's clearly more than one way to skin that cat.)

nice c:
would you mind giving the artist's name though? That cover's p good

Love this one shot.
It hit home as I’ve been feeling that way lately.

...could have been more.
.....should have been more.

Thanks for the story.

I do enjoy a story that delves deeper into the psyches and complex emotions of the characters. To me, it seems like Sunset Shimmer is suffering from an existential crisis brought about by the lingering dismay of her defeat. She sees Twilight Sparkle as everything she ever wanted to be: loved and revered, one whose hoofprint will leave a lasting impression within the annals of history. She's grateful to Twilight for reforming her, but there's a lingering resentment she just can't shake, a burning sort of buried indignation toward the one who both rehabilitated her and robbed her of everything she had worked and schemed to achieve.

Basically, Twilight is Guts and Sunset Shimmer is Griffith :rainbowlaugh:

The pony in her doorway was Starlight Glimmer.

Guidance Counselor mode activated?

The plot itself is great, but the change from present to past tense is annoying and the punctuation is incorrect in some places.
Overall I liked this little story.

thanks Im happy you do

Poor girl needs a hug 😢

The alabaster unicorn’s natural curiosity drove her to look up at the figure directly.

Hmm this does not make sense for Sunset, alabaster is opalescent white [and is usually used to refer to Rarity]
The rest of the sentences around there are confused.

I was nodding along to everything you were saying but that last line was just an absolute punch in the... gut.

Hm, I feel towards this story a bit like Sunset towards Twilight (very ironic, I know).

The premise is good enough, the execution is good enough, the writing is okay, but nothing about this story really 'wow's me. I've seen other stories that have left a much bigger and better impact on me, yet they fail to reach a third the amount of traction this is getting, that though not incredibly huge it's still decently successful, not to mention the nearly exlusively positive feedback.

I don't mean to take credit away from you. Idk, I'm just a bit bitter is all.

This was good. Anyone carrying as much emotional baggage as she was would have had a break like that. We are often our own worst enemy when it comes to judgment. Good friend.

It'd be interesting to explore the idea that Sunset was totally forgotten about more to be honest. Celestia obviously remembers her, but did Sunset leave any positive impact behind when she fled? Did cadence briefly meet sunset? Or is Sunset ultimately right and, beside a single stolen copy of a forbidden book, her legacy is ultimately non-existant.

Even in EQG Sunset got shunted to the side in favour of Sci-twi which just rubbed me the wrong way tbh. Feels like no matter what universe she's in she'll never be the hero, no matter how she tries, she's just there to keep the main character seat warm until the real hero arrives and she's forgotten

It was very nice to read, a good story, thank you

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