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I’m cuckoo for Coco Pommel!


For Doctor Twilight Sparkle, life at Canterlot National Hospital was pretty good. She'd struck up a bond with the director and even had enough time to publish a paper or two. There's only one thing she needs to advance even further: better bedside manner.
For these reasons, Doctor Celestia carts her off to a tiny Ponyville practice. Now, Twilight must find a way to both cure and tolerate the village idiots--and try to convince a certain high-strung healer that she's not after her job.

Because "grumpy doctor Twilight" practically writes itself. Art by Punk-Pegasus

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As a fella who loves House M.D. and the idea of Twilight being a grumpy, cantankerous genius, you can sign me right the hell up for this.

I gotta say, the pseudo-diary format is a bit strange to me, but it's not necessarily a bad thing. Just something I've got to get used to.

I'll be keeping an eye on this. You're doing good work here.

Oh, this is going to be a good one, I can tell already.:rainbowlaugh: Tracking. (Resists the urge to put a certain Robert Palmer song here)

Great story, great premise. I'm interested in reading more! :)

I like the idea of anti-social Doctor Sparkle, but you kind of lose me with Rainbow Dash. I just don't see any way she would ever be a plumber.

8082957 Actually, this is more the song I was thinking of:


It's an in-joke to the series this was partially inspired by. The get-rich-quick scheme character just has plumbing as one of his first "hats." Dash has reasons for needing to make money and just tried plumbing because she heard it made a lot, not because she likes it. Now that she knows it doesn't, that's another odd job she can cross off.

If Twilight is mean to be that main doctor from Scrubs, then who is Nurse Redheart meant to be?


It's not particularly meant to "cross over" with any medical series, just to have that "feel" to it. So she can be whoever you want to be!

It's going to be interesting to see how you're going to build this strange but unique creature.

Unfortunately, I have no background info of this British show you're referring to other than what you've said, but I like the premise of this story. Upvoted and tracking.


It's actually a funny story about it: I found it completely by accident! It's called Doc Martin, and it plays on PBS, actually. So I was channel surfing one night and happened upon it. Now it's my family's favorite show, so I figured I'd write something like it.


I'm American, so I actually don't watch many foreign shows other than Doc Martin and anime. Not even Doctor Who! That and Ladybug, I think, are the ones I'd want to see most. Especially since I happen to be fluent in Ladybug's original language, and can watch it completely raw without subtitles.

I can't be the only one who wants Twilight to end up as Doctor Strange


Unfortunately, I am not caught up/versed in comic culture. I've seen plenty of fanart of Trixie and Starlight cosplaying as Doctor Strange, though.

8083549 Don't worry, just wishful thinking ;) Though I absolutely have to reccomend the Doctor Strange movie if you haven't seen it yet. It's easy enough to follow without prior knowledge of the comics


Thanks! I might just do that, it sounds interesting.

I really do need to get into comic book movies. I'm always afraid gatekeepers will gang up on me for only watching the movies, though...

8083594 lol, nah. The movies are what got me to finally the read comics, and no one's ever given me any trouble


Okay, that's good. I guess those claims are just exaggerated, then. :twilightsmile:

8083532 well, if doc martin inspired you a little, I can certainly see the influence, and I certainly approve.

Totally putting this in my read later list!

huh actully had a idea of a similer vein to this runing around in my head this should be fun to read

This is a good story, it's very well written. It's not my kind of thing though, keep up the good work.

XD I've got this feeling you're channelling a certain doctor house into twilights character. I can't wait for other chapters to some out so I have a more meatier story to get stuck into. I'm looking forward to see how you execute this story. ^_^

Interesting concept. I will be following this one closely.

8084025 My guess is that the

I’ll do everything I can to make you stay here forever

is going to have some romantic implications later, talk about working on Bedside manner.

by the way, your profile pic was perfect for that comment

What a brilliant idea!

~Skeeter The Lurker

We’ve got at least an hour before the hospital actually opens, so…”

Yikes, Ponyville has a hospital that closes? I don't know whether to be impressed or horrified. :twilightoops:

8084302 She may be working for the standard clinic (for lack of a better word) part, the part that does standard check ups and the like, Where you would go if you had a problem but it isn't an emergency.

8083546 Funnily enough, I was thinking along those exact same lines as I read this chapter. This Twilight would so be Doctor Strange, the Sorceress Supreme.


Yeah, she doesn't do the emergency work part. Though Ponyville Hospital closing wouldn't surprise me...due to how Ponyville seems to invoke Murphy's Law and all.

You know this story looked good with the art and sounded good from the description. Fortunately, I was NOT disappointed! This story was a lot of fun to read, with an ending that is making me yearn for more! <3


Currently, no. But later...let's just say the two have issues to iron out before they'll get that far.

I like to think of them as the Twilight/Trixie relationship within another profession, and before a particular other pony showed up, I remember that shipping being popular.

I ship Starlight/Trixie and I regret nothing.

Any ideas on how long your going to go with this?

I suddenly have the urge to marathon House M.D.


It's probably like an urgent Care

Hell, if someone can write a story based on a medical show maybe I should pursue my idea of making Twilight or Spike into Gordon Ramsay and have them yelling at ponies :rainbowlaugh:

Solid start to what I hope will be a solid story though, definetly tracking.

Wow, this already sounds like an actual good way to redo the premise with the characters. Looking forward to reading this.

And the author's notes telling me that it will, definitely, be Twilight x Red, I can now safely say that i shall be expecting good things out of this.

Just so you know, the 'Source' is supposed to link to the page the art is on, not the artwork, itself. Linking to the image URL doesn't really help the artist out, who happens to be a friend of mine. :) This is the link you'll wanna put in your source.

--> http://punk-pegasus.deviantart.com/art/Dr-Twilight-Sparkle-P-D-431134207


Sorry, that was a mistake on my part. I'll update the link.

I'm so glad I stumbled upon this on the front page. House is my favorite show- and god bless this is an AU that I adore! Keep up the great work@@ <3

I like this Twilight, a little bit of Doctor House and a little bit of Doctor Fleischman. That should be a good combination :)

For some reason I envision a less (OK slightly less) grumpy version of Dr. House ... :twilightsmile:

Now you need Twilight becoming bomb squad. Why? Well, my aunt caught an old man on pure O2 try to light a cigarette. As we all damn well know: fire and pure oxygen cylinders are one situation you want to avoid.

Like, I seriously hate smokers. They have an obvious problem with an obvious solution but they can't do the simple task of stopping.

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